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  • Contains a good serving of caffeine anhydrous


  • Small proprietary blend
  • Ingredients can't be adequately dosed in such a small blend
  • Some ingredient lack scientific proof

Full Evogen Lipocide Review


Product Overview

Many of the products that we look at on this site are fairly unknown. We only know about them because we stumble across them online. That is not the case here though. It was a combination of hearsay, celebrity endorsement, and very slick advertising which compelled us to do a Evogen Lipocide Review. 

According to Evogen, Lipocide is the “world’s most innovative metabolic accelerator”. 

There is a lot of sales copy on the website, but when you distill it all down, Evogen claim that Lipocide delivers three key things:

  • Enhanced energy and focus
  • Superior appetite control
  • Accelerated lipolysis


Evogen Lipocide Review


Like all good fat burners, Evogen Lipocide doesn’t claim that it can replicate the action of anabolic steroids; building insane amounts of muscle while also shredding fat. 

No, Evogen Lipocide claims to help you achieve something that is still incredibly difficult, but undoubtedly achievable: burning fat while preserving a maximum amount of muscle mass. To use Evogen’s words: “burning fat while not losing muscle is not a skill, but an art.” 

The focus here is on speeding up fat loss while keeping hold of as much of your gains as you can. Now, it’s almost impossible to retain 100% of your muscle mass while losing overall body weight. But it is possible to keep hold of most of your gains, and once you have lost a significant amount of fat, you’ll LOOK like you’ve put on slabs of muscle mass. 

Bodybuilding is all illusion, and pros can lose some muscle mass in the lead-up to competition but still show up looking bigger and stronger than ever. They can do this because they have lost much more fat than muscle. 

On the merchant page, Evogen talk a great deal about finding balance between burning fat and curbing muscle loss. 

This is exactly the kind of thing that we want to see. There are lots of “weight loss” pills out there, but many of them completely kill off your appetite, and if you don’t eat properly, your muscle will eventually start deteriorating. Evogen explicitly state that this is what Lipocide is designed to avoid.

All of this sounds very impressive, but is it true?

Can Evogen Lipocide really shred fat while preserving maximum muscle mass? Is it the most innovative fat burner out there?

There’s only one way to find out! Here is our full Evogen Lipocide review.


Evogen Lipocide Formula

Here is the Evogen Lipocide label, as it looks on the bottle:


Evogen Lipocide Formula Review

Metabolic Accelerating Matrix – Proprietary Blend!

Unfortunately, Evogen has opted to hide individual ingredient serving sizes. Instead, they have listed all but one of its 13 ingredients as part of a single, homogeneous proprietary blend. 

Making matters worse, this blend is only 528mg. 

If we assumed for the sake of argument that the formula was divided equally among all its constituent parts, then each ingredient would only be dosed at just 44mg.

Yes, we said 44mg each.

We don’t think it’s likely that the formula has been divided equally, but that should tell you just how much of an issue this proprietary blend poses. 

Things get even worse when you realize that some of the ingredients in Lipocide are usually taken for fat burning and concentration enhancing purposes in amounts greater than 500mg. In fact, 500mg is seen by many as a low dose of these compounds.


Evogen Lipocide Ingredients Tyrosine


We are of course referring here primarily to Acetyl-L-Carnitine and N-acetyl L-Tyrosine. 

It just so happens that these two ingredients are probably the most robustly tested and scientifically verified in the Lipocide metabolic accelerating matrix. They have been shown in multiple clinical trials, using healthy human adults, to be effective for improving athletic performance, heightening concentration and motivation, and facilitating lipolysis. 

As such, as would expect to see decent serving sizes of both of these ingredients in a supplement that claims to boost fat burning and mental focus. 

Yet it is impossible for both of them to be even adequately dosed in a blend that is just 528mg, never mind one that also has 10 other ingredients!

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Regarding the other ingredients in the proprietary blend, we aren’t particularly impressed there either.

Only three have beneficial properties that are backed up with hard, scientific evidence.

These three are capsicum extract, choline bitartrate, and BioPerine. 

Capsicum extract works just how you think it will; it raises your body temperature, forcing you to burn more calories as you try to keep cool. It is an excellent natural fat burner, found in some of the best professional fat burners on the market today. It is safe and reliable. 


Lipocide Ingredients Review Capsicum Extract


However, it is highly dose dependent. The lowest effective dose seems to be around 100mg (depending on the concentration of the extract of course). The best thermogenic fat burners contain around 200mg. 

We have no idea how much is in Lipocide, but it is highly unlikely that it has a 200mg share of the formula. 

BioPerine is not so dose dependent, and is usually found in supplements in smaller amounts. 

However, it primarily works by improving nutrient uptake from food; it has no direct fat burning properties of its own. We often like to see BioPerine included in a formula, but it should never be one of the most effective in the stack – it is very much a support ingredient, not a leading star. 

Choline bitartrate is commonly found in nootropics; supplements designed to help with memory and focus. 

It works by making more choline available to the brain. The brain needs choline for a number of reasons, one of the most important being the formation of acetylcholine; a neurotransmitter associated with short term memory and concentration. 

Choline bitartrate is not the most efficient way to boost choline availability, but it is apparently very reliable, and it helps many people improve their brain power. 

Again though, this ingredient has a minimal dose to really get going. People usually take around 150-250mg of this stuff per day. If Evogen Lipocide contains this much, then other ingredients responsible for fat burning must be massively under-dosed.


What About Caffeine Anhydrous?

There is one very good thing about this formula, and that’s the inclusion of 200mg of caffeine anhydrous. 

Caffeine anhydrous is just caffeine that has had water molecules removed. It is therefore more potent than regular caffeine by weight. 

Caffeine anhydrous helps you maintain your energy and drive throughout the day and during training when your dieting would otherwise be ruining your performance. 

200mg of caffeine anhydrous is about right. It is high enough to give you good results, but not so high that it will cause problems for those of you who aren’t overly sensitive to stimulants. 


Celebrity Endorsements

Not surprisingly for a reputable supplement manufacturer like Evogen, Lipocide has a number of endorsements from well known athletes.

The most notable of these, as far as we’re concerned anyway, is Steve Kuclo, IFBB pro bodybuilder and Mr Olympia competitor!


Evogen Lipocide Fat Burner Endorsements


Celebrity endorsements don’t mean that a product is actually any good, but it does tell us that the company is serious, that it isn’t a shady, backyard operation. Evogen are serious about Lipocide, and they care about their reputation as makers of quality supplements. 


Evogen Lipocide Side Effects

We do not have any idea how much of each ingredient is contained in Evogen Lipocide. We therefore can’t say anything conclusive about the safety of Lipocide one way or the other. 

That is not a good thing: as a general rule, we say that if you can’t tell if something is incredibly safe or highly dangerous, then it’s best not to do it. 

That said, it is also true that the proprietary blend in Evogen Lipocide is unusually small. It is therefore unlikely that any one ingredient is dosed high enough to pose a serious concern. 

Hardly a good thing to have to say about a fat burner, but it’s true. 

As always though, we strongly advise you to talk to your doctor before you start taking a new fat burner. Bring a list of ingredients to them and hear what they have to say. Many fat burners contain strange ingredients, herbal concentrates, and large quantities of stimulants. Your body is probably not used to any of this, so you can’t be sure that it will react predictable.

Your doctor should know what you are planning on doing, just in case. 


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Evogen Lipocide Review Conclusion

After writing this fairly comprehensive Evogen Lipocide review, we think it’s fair to say that this fat burner doesn’t seem to be all that it’s cracked up to be. 

It may well work for some people, and it may have the backing of Steve Kuclo, but we don’t really believe that this product is responsible for his incredible physique. 

It’s much more likely that his amazing genetics, grueling training, tightly controlled diet, and some AAS assistance is the reason he looks so good. 

Whether or not it works for some individuals as well doesn’t really concern us. For the vast majority of our readers, we think you would be better served spending your money elsewhere. 

The proprietary blend in Lipocide is simply too small for the key ingredients to be adequately dosed. The other ingredients have either yet to be robustly tested on humans, they have been but haven’t produced great results. 

All in all, we think much better fat burners are out there, and those that don’t hide their formula behind proprietary blends will always represent better value for money for you the customer. 

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