EFX Sports LYZME 5 Review – Over-Priced Caffeine Supp









  • Caffeine dose is great IF it is split up into 3 separate servings


  • Main ingredient lacks any scientific proof
  • Doses low in places
  • Some ingredients are totally bogus
  • Caffeine dose might be too much if not split up


Full LYZME 5 Review


EFX Sports are probably pretty well known to most of you. They make some really good quality bodybuilding supplements, like creatine monohydrate powders, protein shakes, and pre-workouts. Their products are popular, and users seem happy with them on the whole. 

So what about LYZME 5?

What is it supposed to do and who is it designed for?


Lyzme 5 review


According to the bottle, we see that LYZME 5 claims to be “multi-patented & researched”. Now, just because something is patented and researched doesn’t mean that it is effective. You can research and patent a substance and it can be totally useless.

If we look at the EFX Sports website, we see that LYZME 5 claims to deliver the following core benefits:

  • Promotes fat breakdown
  • Increases energy “conversion”
  • Supports a “lean lifestyle”

We don’t really know what some of that means. 

We don’t know what a “lean lifestyle” is supposed to mean. But we take it that LYZME 5 is generally designed to help you lose body fat.

Increased energy conversion probably refers to an increase in the amount of energy you are able to obtain from food.

That is possible through supplementation, so it will be interesting to see if LYZME 5 delivers on this claim. 

So this all sounds pretty good, right?

But how much of this is true, and how much is just empty marketing spiel?

Will LYZME 5 cause any unwanted side effects?

How does it compare to the likes of Instant Knockout?

Find out by reading our detailed review below. We dig a little deeper to see if the LYZME 5 formula really is full backed by the latest scientific research. We discuss the main risks involved too. AT the end, we’ll tell you whether we think this is a good choice for anyone looking to maximize results during their next cut. 


LYZME 5 Formula

Let’s take a closer look at the formula:


LYZME 5 formula analysis


That’s quite a poor supplement, all things considered. 

The main ingredient is obviously the LYZME 5 patented compound. We can’t seem to find any independent evidence that this stuff has any effect on fat loss whatsoever. 

There are some good ingredients in here. They will make a difference to your ability to lose body fat.

But there aren’t many of the key, proven, effective ingredients that we expect to see in fat loss supplements today.

There are some ingredients that don’t do anything for fat loss at all – we know that for a fact given the scientific studies available now.

The doses are also very low in key areas.

All in all, we don’t think this is a very good fat burner. We’ve seen worse, but we’ve definitely seen better too.


What We Like

There is a very good serving of caffeine in here, assuming that you consume it over an entire day and not in a single dose (more on this in ‘side effects’).

If, and we mean IF, 280mg of caffeine is spaced out over three separate doses, then this is an ideal dose for promoting focus, motivation, and energy throughout the day. 

When you’re dieting, a lack of energy and a loss of focus in the gym can be absolutely lethal.

A cut is precisely when you need your training to be on point. You can be lazy in the off season, but in the run up to a show, a meet, or a fight, you need to be hitting every rep, finishing every session, and leaving everything on the gym floor.




It just so happens that it is during a cut when your training can most easily be shaken – you’re tired, you’re hungry, you’re out of energy.

This is all 10 times harder if you’re working a full time job while you train. Staying awake through a meeting after a late night deadlift session and a very light breakfast can be as hard as the session itself!

Caffeine can rapidly decrease the perception of fatigue, boost physical performance, and keep you focused all day long.

Just 100mg can make an incredible difference to your physical performance in the gym. So if you break up the 280mg in LYZME 5 over the three possible servings, you’ll be good to go.


What We Don’t Like

In all honesty, most of this formula is disappointing. There isn’t a lot to get excited about here.

The main problem is the key ingredient – the ingredient that gave the product its name – Lyzme 5, or trimethylammonium-methyl-glycine-methionine with nicotinic acid & folate as it is also known. 

As far as we can tell, there is absolutely no evidence that this stuff accelerates fat loss or enhances performance in the gym in any way.

Even the LYZME 5 official merchant page doesn’t talk a great deal about this ingredient, which is weird. 

If this is such a special ingredient, you’d think the EFX Sports website would make a bigger deal out of it.

We can’t find any independent studies even mentioning this stuff, let alone in the context of promoting fat loss.

The fact that this is the central ingredient in this stack is a real let down. 

It sounds impressive, and it is certainly a unique selling point. But we’d rather an effective fat burner with robust scientific proof!


White Willow Bark


But the LYZME 5 compound isn’t alone in this formula.

There are other ingredients which provide absolutely no benefits whatsoever – as far as we can tell anyway.

For example, we’ve never seen any evidence showing that White Willow Extract helps with fat loss.

Some studies have looked at this substance, and they have all found that it does nothing relative to placebo. The only reason manufacturers include it is because it sounds vaguely exotic.

We could go on naming ingredients here that do nothing for fat loss, but you get the point.

Two ingredients is already far too much dead weight for us.

But we assure you, there are more than two!


-Does Cardio Deplete Muscle Mass? No!-


LYZME 5 Side Effects

As we mentioned above, the amount of caffeine we get form this supplement is very good. That is definitely enough to reduce fatigue, improve performance in the gym, and give you an energy boost all day long. 

But that is ASSUMING that you consume that 280mg in three equal doses spaced throughout the day. 

Consuming 280mg of caffeine in a single dose can cause pretty serious side effects. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Jitters
  • Sweating
  • Hypertension

It is really important that you think about this carefully before using this supplement.

You need to take stock of your existing caffeine consumption and decide if it is safe to add in another 280mg per on top of that. 

After all, caffeine overdose can be fatal!


  1. We are not doctors
  2. This is not medical advice
  3. You MUST do your own research

We don’t know you or your unique circumstances. It is absolutely crucial that you seek proper medical advice before using fat burners, regardless of how safe they might seem.


-Ab Training Explained By Science-


EFX Sports LYZME 5 Review Conclusion – Is It Worth The Money?

In our opinion, this probably isn’t the right choice for you.

That is regardless of what your specific goals are.

If you haven’t read our full LYZME 5 review, then it is probably worth reading the section on “what we don’t like”. 

Put simply, this product is missing many of the key ingredients that we look for in modern fat burners.

There’s no appetite suppressors, no chromium, no green tea extract.

The ingredients it does contain lack any real scientific proof.

The only good ingredient is caffeine – but even here there are problems. If the dose isn’t split up throughout the day, then side effects will occur.

Better fat burners are available for a similar price. No doubt about that.

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