DNA Lean Thermo-XY Review – Mediocre Fat Burner For Mediocre Results










  • Good serving of green coffee bean extract
  • Good serving of cayenne pepper


  • Few fat burners
  • No appetite control
  • Contains several bogus ingredients
  • Synephrine causes side effects for no benefit


Full Thermo-XY Review


Thermo-XY is a natural fat burning supplement from DNA Lean. These guys have a few specialist bodybuilding supplements to their name. They currently have a creatine powder, a “female” fat burner – supposedly designed specifically for women – and Thermo-XY. They aren’t a well known brand at all, and it isn’t obvious that they want to be. They seem to sell their products exclusively on Amazon, and that doesn’t look likely to change. 

So what is Thermo-XY supposed to do?

How is it going to help you lose more fat during your next cut?


DNA Lean Thermo-XY bottle


According to the bottle, this supplement delivers better “weight management for men. It’s not clear what makes any fat burner specifically beneficial for men. Unless you’re going to try to manipulate hormone levels, a fat burner is going to work equally well for both men and women. 

But we can forgive some brands for using the same marketing techniques that everybody else uses!

If you look at the Amazon merchant page, you’ll see that this stack claims to deliver the following core benefits:

  • Increased energy without crashes
  • Enhanced fat oxidation
  • Increased cAMP activation
  • Faster weight loss

That’s a solid range of benefits for a natural fat burner to aim for.

Some of you might be unsure what “cAMP activation” refers to. cAMP stands for Cyclic adenosine monophosphate. This is a derivative of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which as many of you know is the “energy currency” of your cells. Having good ATP recycling is a great way to ensure optimal performance in the gym – especially when you’re performing intense, heavy, explosive lifts. 

All of this sounds great anyway. Sustained energy and better fat mobilization – that’s what we want from a fat burner at the end of the day. Better athletic performance through ATP cycling support is an added bonus.

But does Thermo-XY wactually do any of this?

Is it safe for you to use long-term? What are the short-term side effects going to be?

How does it compare to the best fat burners on the market today?

Find out by reading our full review of DNA Lean’s fat burner below. We take a closer look at the formula and see what the science has to say about the ingredients. We’ll talk about the price tag, as well as the health risks. Have you used this stuff before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments!


Thermo-XY Formula

Let’s check out the formula and see what it really has to offer:


Formula analysis


We’re not impressed with this!

There are a lot of problems with this formula.

The main issue is that some of the ingredients don’t contribute to greater fat loss. They are over-hyped, ineffective, and unproven. This is a real problem, because it means you’re paying good money for substances that don’t get you any closer to your goals. 

Worse still, some of these ingredients come with serious side effect risks.

It’s also quite a confused formula. 

This is another stack that is trying to be too many things at once. In doing so, DNA Lean have spread themselves too thin. Instead of trying to be a fat burner, a pre-workout, and a cognitive enhancer, it would be much better off focusing on helping you lose fat!

That said, there’s a lot about this product that we like. Using it will definitely help you lose fat quicker and more easily. But the side effect risks, the dead weight, and the lack of focus really makes it not worth it for us. 

Let’s get into this in greater detail.


What We Like

There’s a few things that we really like about this product, all things considered.

For example, each serving gives us 200mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE). 

This is one of the best natural fat burners in existence. The fat burning properties of GCBE are down to a compound called chlorogenic acid.

For one thing, chlorogenic acid has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity. At this paper notes, “Administering an oral daily dose of this supplement in the last 3 weeks of feeding reversed diet-induced body weight gain and insulin resistance, assessed by hyperglycemia, glucose intolerance and insulin intolerance.”

These findings were supported by the results of this study. Researchers here stated: “Our study provides direct evidence in support of CGA as a potent compound in preventing diet-induced obesity and obesity-related metabolic syndrome.”


Fresh coffee beans


The 200mg we get from Thermo-XY is a pretty decent dose. 

As you’ll see if you look through some of the studies conducted on GCBE, you don’t need much to get the benefits. Many people use as little as 100mg of high quality extract per day and see serious improvements in their physique. We think 200mg is more than enough for anybody, regardless of your size or body type. Chlorogenic acid isn’t a macro-nutrient – you don’t need to take tons of the stuff just because you’re a big guy!

There’s a lot of hype and misinformation about this stuff online at the moment. But when you cut through the noise, you find that it has some robust fat burning power.


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What We Don’t Like

We are happy with the healthy GCBE serving. There are other good ingredients in DNA Lean Thermo-XY too. But they are not enough to outweigh the many flaws we see in this formula. 

Overall, this isn’t a very good fat burner. It doesn’t give you much bang for your buck, and there are some side effect concerns to think about. 

The main problem is the fact that it uses ineffective, unproven, over-hyped ingredients. 

The worst offender here is Meadowsweet

We have no idea what this stuff is doing in a supposedly hardcore bodybuilding supplement. 

It doesn’t have any properties that make it useful to us. It doesn’t increase fat oxidation, it doesn’t mobilize fat from your fat cells, and it doesn’t improve athletic performance. Meadowsweet isn’t known for appetite suppression or as a recovery aid. 

We’ve looked pretty hard, and we can’t see any reason to add meadowsweet to a fat burner. 

Most articles we’ve found online talk about its potential use as an anti-inflammatory – the popular go-to for health freaks when they can’t find a use for some shrub or plant. Everything is an anti-inflammatory these days!

There’s certainly no hint that it is commonly used as a fat loss aid. 

In buying Thermo-XY, you’re paying for 50mg of a substance that does pretty much NOTHING. That mightn’t sound like a lot of dead weight to be paying for, but this isn’t the only dud ingredient, and it should be 0mg! 




We also think DNA Lean have made a mistake with the inclusion of the cognitive enhancing complex here.

Thermo-XY is not a pre-workout, and it is not a cognitive enhancer. It is a fat burner. Yet it doesn’t really do that job particularly well.

There aren’t many potent, reliable and thoroughly proven fat burners in this formula. The GCBE and the Cayenne pepper are really the only ingredients that will make a meaningful difference to your progress. There’s nothing to control appetite, nothing to help with nutrient partitioning, and no caffeine!

With all these absences, DNA Lean should not be dedicating so much formula space to ingredients that we don’t necessarily want!

If we buy a fat burner, we want a product that will help us BURN FAT FASTER. 

The ingredients in this stack dedicated to improving focus and drive are absolutely effective; they’re just in the wrong supplement. That isn’t to say these ingredients have no place in a fat burner. If a stack is designed for use pre-workout and it has covered all the bases we expect from a fat burner, then that’s great. 

We’re just saying that in this stack – with just 2-3 potent fat burners – they’re really not needed. We need more fat loss aids!


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Thermo-XY Side Effects – Is It Safe?

The reason many people opt for natural fat burners over synthetic drugs or anabolic compounds is the fact that they are enormously safer and less damaging to long-term health. That’s why we get so disappointed when fat burners use substances that cause side effects, or which pose significant long-term health risks. 

It isn’t like we have a shortage of natural fat burners that don’t cause side effects!

Sadly, we think some users are going to experience some side effects while using Thermo-XY. That’s because of the Synephrine content, listed here as “Bitter Orange”.

Synephrine is a commonly used fat burner these days. It is thought to have a similar effect to Ephedrine in the body, because the two molecules look similar when you draw them as skeletal formulas:


Synephrine ephedrine comparison


Ephedrine is a potent medication used to treat things like asthma, although it is also a powerful stimulant and fat burner. The logic is, it looks like ephedrine, so synephrine must also be a potent fat burner. 

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that structurally similar tells you absolutely nothing about the effect a compound has in the body. 

Just because two things look alike when you draw them as skeletal formulas doesn’t mean they act the same way. 

However, if we choose to accept the logic that synephrine behaves like ephedrine, we run into some SERIOUS  problems. Ephedrine is not a substance you want to be playing with. It is an immesnely powerful stimulant, and it comes with serious side effects if used without medical supervision. 

Potential side effects of synephrine use include:

  • Headaches
  • Tremors
  • Dizziness
  • Nervousness/anxiety
  • Sweating
  • Nausea
  • Stomach cramps
  • Sudden drowsiness

To make things worse, we are yet to see conclusive evidence that synephrine stimulates fat loss in a menaingful way. So you’re taking on all these risks for no added benefit. 

It must be said that Thermo-XY only contains whole bitter orange powder. As such, the synephrine dose will be minimal. But it is still something to consider!


This is by no means an exhaustive look at all potential side effects and health risks. All we are doing is highlighting the main dangers as we see them (according to our experience and research). This isn’t medical advice. To stay safe, you need to:

  1. Do your own research
  2. Talk to a doctor

These supplements aren’t a cure for obesity. They are meant for serious athletes who know what they’re doing!


DNA Lean Thermo-XY Review Summary – Is It Right For You?

In our opinion, most people would be better off using a more potent and well formulated fat burner. There are just too many serious issues with the Thermo-XY formula for us to recommend it to anybody. 

For one thing, it doesn’t provide very good value for money. There are a bunch of bogus ingredients in here that you’re paying for when you really shouldn’t be!

For another, it doesn’t contain many effective fat burners. We get plenty of green coffee bean extract and enough Cayenne pepper for people to see results. But that’s it. 

There’s no appetite control. 

No nutrient partitioning support. 

No caffeine for added energy. 

Instead we get ineffective, unproven substances and one that is known to cause side effects. 

If you want optimal results, you have to invest in a top quality product. Check out some of our top rated fat burners and you’ll see the difference between Thermo-XY and the best products on the market right now. 

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