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  • Contains some good ingredients


  • Proprietary blends!
  • Contains unproven ingredients
  • Contains unusual ingredients usually used to treat vitamin deficiencies

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Product Overview – What Is Cowboy Oxy Burn?

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We’re hearing a lot of talk about this product at the minute, and we have seen more than one person asking for a comprehensive Cowboy Oxy Burn review. 

So, to get right into it, what is Cowboy Oxy Burn?


Cowboy Oxy Burn Fat Burner ReviewCowboy Oxy Burn is a fat burning supplement marketed at people who already workout regularly, but who need extra help getting rid of body fat that they just can’t seem to shift. 

Now, we’ve found that it’s actually quite hard to find the manufacturer’s website by searching on Google, so we are forced to rely on the information that’s available on Amazon. 

According to the manufacturer, Cowboy Oxy Burn is an “advanced fat loss formula” that uses 9 “synergistic” ingredients to attack fat on “multiple pathways”. 

To be more specific, it is claimed that Cowboy Oxy Burn can:

  • Suppress appetite
  • Boost metabolism
  • Burn excess fat stores

Incredibly, the Amazon page selling Cowboy Oxy Burn claims that ingredients in this supplement can aid fat loss without exercise!

Are these claims true? Can Cowboy Oxy Burn do all of these things? Is it worth your money? And is there anything better out there?

Check out our full Cowboy Oxy Burn review below to find out. 


Cowboy Oxy Burn Formula – Does It Work?

Here is the Cowboy Oxy Burn formula, as it appears on the bottle:


Cowboy Oxy Burn Ingredients


What’s the first thing you notice about this formula?


We HATE proprietary blends. The reason why you should try to avoid proprietary blends has been explored many, many times on this site. We therefore won’t go into too much detail, but we’ll give you the condensed version:

Proprietary blends basically prevent you from using your past experiences with certain supplements and foods to make an informed decision on whether or not a product will work for you. 

Proprietary blends also rob you of the ability to learn from your experience with this particular supplement and to apply that learning to your futute buying decisions. 

Basically, if Cowboy Oxy Burn doesn’t work for you, then without accurate dosage information, you’ll never truly know why it wasn’t working from you: was it too little caffeine? Too much? Not enough of another ingredient? 

You’ll never genuinely know the answer. 

All in all, proprietary blends are to be avoided. Better value can almost always be found elsewhere.

So, on to the ingredients themselves. 


Energy & Focus Blend

Glucomannan is an appetite suppressor. It is incredibly effective at making you feel much fuller than you otherwise would. 

If you’re usually a big eater (aren’t we all?), then while you’re dieting, glucomannan can genuinely become your best friend. 

Many of our review team get irritable when they are in the depths of a proper cut, because they feel hungry all the time. Glucomannan really does help alleviate the hunger pangs, allowing you to get on with your day, be it work, training, or spending time with friends without biting someone’s head off. 


Cowboy Oxy Burn Ingredients Review Glucomannan


But what’s puzzling is that nobody can seriously call glucomannan an energy or focus booster. We aren’t quite sure then why it is in the “energy and focus” blend.

The more skeptical of you might think that it is because slipping it into this blend allows the manufacturers to best disguise a low serving size. But without evidence, we can’t say either way. 

This blend also contains caffeine and Tyrosine; two ingredients that can be incredibly effective at keeping you focused and motivated when your diet is not providing you with the fuel you usually need to keep on top of your workload. 

However, whether or not the above mentioned substances are effective or not depends enormously on dosage. 

At just 450mg, it is highly unlikely that you will be getting sufficient glucomannan, caffeine, and Tyrosine for it to be really worth including these ingredients in the first place. 

Now we will try to answer the question that is not doubt at the forefront of your minds: what the hell is fursultiamine?


Fursultiamine is a derivative or thiamine (Vitamin B1) which is sometimes used to treat thiamine deficiency. 

In biochemistry, the quickest way to increase blood serum levels of a certain compound is to actually use and analogue or a derivative of said compound, which is why fursultiamine is sometimes prescribed. 

Why it is in Cowboy Oxy Burn though is a complete mystery to us. 

Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 are often used in pre-workout supplements for their ability to boost the energy you can acquire from food. Well, Vitamin B1 works in much the same way; it is a vital part of glucose metabolism, meaning it allows us to obtain energy from carbohydrates. 

However, very few people are deficient in thiamine. And if you are deficient in thiamine, then you should take a supplement designed for that, not Cowboy Oxy Burn! 

As such, the fursultiamine in this fat burner seems almost completely pointless.

What about the phenylethylamine?

Well, we’re sad to say it, but this seems like a waste of space as well. 

Phenylethylamine is a trace amine which plays a vital role in your brain’s functioning. 

It has a direct and significant influence on the so-called happy hormones; serotonin and dopamine. These two hormones are responsible for feelings of intimacy, euphoria, reward and contentment. 

Not only does this seem to have very limited use in a fat burner, but it seems that supplementing with phenylethylamine might be completely pointless, as the molecule is broken down in the digestive system into its component parts. 


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Thermogenesis Blend

While this blend does contain a very good ingredient (green tea leaf extract), at just 40mg, we won’t waste too much time talking about the potential benefits of this part of the Cowboy Oxy Burn formula. 

To its credit, the label does guarantee that the green tea leaf extract is at least 50% ECGC, which is the part of the extract we’re most interested in for fat loss purposes. 

ECGC is known to have a direct effect on a person’s rate of fat loss. And the other polyphenols found in the extract (98% guaranteed according to the label) help support overall health and well-being. 

But there’s still a big problem here. 

Yet not only do we not know how large the total green tea extract serving is (could be 40mg, could be 1mg), but even if it were at the higher end of the 40mg, we still wouldn’t be getting as much as we get from similar products. 


Cowboy Oxy Burn Fat Burner contains yohimbe


The other two ingredients, raspberry ketones and yohimbe bark, are none starters as far as we are concerned. 

Yohimbe bark is a common ingredient of natural testosterone boosters. It is not typically found in fat burners or pre-workout supplements for one simple reason: no studies or clinical trials have found it to support fat loss. There isn’t even a great deal of anecdotal evidence to suggest otherwise. 

Raspberry ketones often get people excited, because it sounds as though it has something to do with the keto diet; that magical diet that makes some people lose weight and others lose a whole lot of muscle mass. 

Well, it has nothing to do with that diet. 

Some people think that raspberry ketones affect a hormone called adiponectin, which in turn affects the rate at which we burn through fat. 

But there is no reliable scientific proof that this is the case. 

Once again, we seem to have a problem with the grouping of ingredients. We have no idea how the manufacturers have decided on the name “thermogenesis blend”, because none of these ingredients enhance thermogenesis. 

Even if they had included some cayenne pepper here, then we would still be puzzled as to how green tea extract ended up in the “thermogenesis blend”.


Lipogenic Blend

The “lipogenic blend” consists of synephrine, kola nut, and L-Carnitine. 

At a miniscule 7mg, we aren’t expecting great things from this blend. 

For starters, the likes of synephrine and L-Carnitine are usually dosed in the hundreds of milligrams. L-Carnitine alone is usually taken in amounts close to 500mg. 


Oxy Burn from Cowboy contains kola nuts

We are not even convinced of the efficacy of synephrine. It certainly seems to hold a lot of potential as a fat burner, but until more research is done and we are fairly certain that it is both effective and safe, we aren’t going to sing its praises.

This is, of course, assuming there is even a sufficient amount in a supplement for you to enjoy any potential benefits. 

Finally, kola nut is yet another conundrum. 

Why is it here?

Well, kola is actually the origin of the word “cola” in “Coca Cola”.

It is a nut native to Western Africa, where it is sometimes used in much the same way other peoples use coffee; as a stimulant, or intoxicant, usually at social gatherings. 

It is a stimulant because it contains caffeine. Yet we already have caffeine in the Cowboy Oxy Burn formula.

So why add the kola nut on at the end? Why not just increase the caffeine dosage?

It may be because some say it can improve circulation, digestion and metabolism. But again, until we some some hard evidence, we’re forced to conclude that this is just another form of caffeine.


Cowboy Oxy Burn Side Effects?

While the ingredients in Cowboy Oxy Burn are largely natural and usually safe if taken at sensible dosages, we can’t say for certain whether this fat burner is likely to cause side effects for the majority of users. 

That’s because we have no dosage information. All we have are figures for the overall blend serving size.

So, for all we know, we could be getting 440mg of caffeine per serving, which is the equivalent of 4 and a half cups of strong coffee. 

To anyone very sensitive to caffeine, that will cause some problems. 

Of course, we could just as easily be getting 20mg of caffeine, but until we know for sure, we can’t comment on the safety of this supplement either way. 

We are also concerned about the use of fursultiamine. This stuff is used to treat a diagnosed thiamine deficiency. To our knowledge, it is usually prescribed by a doctor to people who are, in a sense, sick. 

We don’t know anyone who takes this stuff as a supplement, we have never heard of it being in a supplement before, and we don’t know the effect that it would have on someone who is not deficient in B1. 

If you are really set on trying this fat burner, then please talk to your doctor about fursultiamine and the potential side effects from taking large amounts of caffeine. This is particularly crucial here as exact dosages are not known!


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Cowboy Oxy Burn Review Conclusion

After doing a fairly comprehensive review of all the information we have available on Cowboy Oxy Burn, we have to conclude that this doesn’t represent excellent value for someone looking for help with losing fat. 

The main reason is because of proprietary blends which, in our opinion, can’t possibly deliver sufficient quantities of its component ingredients to really be effective. 

In summary, we would recommend that you check out our top rated fat burners before spending any money on Cowboy Oxy Burn. 

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