Cognizance Shape Shifter Review

Shape Shifter









  • Contains good serving of Green Tea Extract


  • No price given on site
  • Key ingredients MASSIVELY under-dosed
  • Some ingredients lack clinical backing

Cognizance Shape Shifter Review


Product Overview

Shape Shifter is a fat loss supplement made by Cognizance Nutrition. From looking at the Cognizance website, it seems that Shape Shifter is the only product that they produce. 

We also notice a few things immediately after arriving on their landing page. 

The first is that the page is labelled “landing page – free bottle”. This is pretty unusual.

The second thing you notice is the fact that the entire website is one page with very little in the way of detail about the product or the company. 


Cognizance Nutrition Shape Shifter Review


The third thing you notice is that there is a form to fill in to receive a free bottle right there on the landing page. 

In our experience, these rushed sale tactics are indicative of lower quality supplements. The idea is usually to get people signed up to a “free bottle”, and then charge them when they forget to cancel the subscription they didn’t know they had. 

But from the reviews that we’re reading, Shape Shifter doesn’t seem to be a low quality product or a scam. Professional, impartial supplement reviewers have praised Shape Shifter, and it seems to be fairly popular among its customers too. 

We therefore simply had to do a proper review of this fat burner ourselves. 

Before we review it though, we need to look at what Shape Shifter claims it can do. According to Cognizance, Shape Shifter is:

  • An appetite suppressant 
  • Metabolism booster
  • A thermogenic fat burner

Quite confusingly, Cognizance claim on their homepage that “exercise works by heating the body to trigger the biochemical process of thermogenesis”.

The phrase “exercise works by” doesn’t make proper sense. They presumably mean “exercise burns fat by…”; exercise isn’t only done to burn fat, it can be done to improve performance or relieve stress, which thermogenesis has absolutely nothing to do with.

But even if they had been more accurate with their phrasing, they are still misrepresenting the way exercise helps you burn fat. Exercise contributes to weight loss by increasing your caloric expenditure, The amount of extra calories you burn by sprinting is immensely larger than the amount of calories used to cool down after you’re done sprinting. Thermogenesis can be said to be involved, yes, but it isn’t how exercise “works”. 

That point aside, can Cognizance Shape Shifter deliver on the promises made above?

Does it really suppress appetite? Can it boost your metabolism?

Let’s take a closer look at the formula to find out. We’ll also look at what other people have been saying about Shape Shifter. 

Shape Shifter Ingredients

Cognizance Nutrition have blended just 7 ingredients to create Shape Shifter. 

A quick glance at the lineup is really encouraging. The product only contains natural, widely used ingredients, some of which are known to be devastatingly effective fat burners. 

Here is a list of the ingredient. We have also listed the amount found in each serving of Shape Shifter:


  • Green Tea Extract (400mg)
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract (10mg)
  • Citrus Aurantium (350mg)
  • Red Pepper Extract (100mg)
  • L-Phenyalanine (25mg)
  • Niacin (10mg)
  • Guarana Extract (100mg)



Despite our reservations after looking at the Cognizance Nutrition website, we are quietly impressed with this formula. 

It certainly has its problems, which we’ll come on to shortly, but we are pleasantly surprised by the lack of proprietary blends, the good serving sizes for two of the best ingredients, and the absence of any worrying, side-effect inducing substances. 

On the whole, this formula is significantly better than we expected it to be. There are a number of issues with it, but it is better than many products reviewed on this site, and it is significantly better than we expected after looking at the Shape Shifter website. As we’ll see, it could be a lot better, but we did expect it to be a lot worse!

So, can this formula deliver on the claims made by Cognizance?


Formula Review – Can Shape Shifter Deliver?

We may be pleasantly surprised by the Shape Shifter formula, but that doesn’t mean that we think this represents good value for money, or that it is a particularly effective fat burner. 

On the whole, we think Cognizance Nutrition has got more wrong than it has right with the Shape Shifter formula.

To kick off, we’ll state clearly that we think the inclusion and dosing of Green Tea Extract is excellent. Green tea extract is an incredibly effective natural fat burning substance. It contains a unique catechin called ECGC which is known to directly enhance lipolysis (fat burning to you and I). It also contains several other catechins and compounds that are known to promote general good health. 


Cognizance Nutrition Guarana Extract


The ideal dosing of this ingredient is around 300mg. Beyond this you tend to get diminishing returns, but the risk of side effects should still be absolutely minimal until the dosage gets significantly higher. The 400mg in Shape Shifter therefore seems just fine. 

We also like the inclusion of Guarana Extract, by which the manufacturer probably just means caffeine. While we prefer caffeine anhydrous (as it is more efficient by weight than regular caffeine), it’s still good to see an amount of this wonderful natural stimulant being included.

However, he amount is far from ideal. In a high spec, professional quality fat burner, we’d expect to see around 200-250mg of caffeine anhydrous. The 100mg of Guarana Extract in Shape Shifter won’t come close to that. 

It is here, however, that we come to the end of what we like about this formula. 

Generally speaking, the rest of the Shape Shifter formula lacks any real ‘punch’ of the kind that the best fat burners have. There are no ingredients in the formula with fat burning properties that have been scientifically and convincingly proven. Those that do have potent fat burning properties have been severely under-dosed. The prime example here would be Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE).

Supplementing with GCBE is a reliable and effective way to enhance fat loss. While there is still some confusion about how it works exactly, we think that its insulin-inhibiting effects are what make it such a brilliant and dependable weapon to have in your arsenal during a serious cut. 

However, this stuff is usually dosed at around 200-300mg per serving. The lowest dosage of this stuff I have personally seen is 100mg. 

We could certainly do with a lot more research being done on this substance (and the chlorogenic acid responsible for its fat burning properties), but to our knowledge none of the trials showing its efficacy have used an amount as low as the 10mg found in Shape Shifter. We therefore can’t be sure that we’ll derive any benefit from it being there. 

This is a real shame; were it dosed properly, this could be the driving force behind this fat loss aid. 

Shape Shifter fat burner red pepper extractThe same thing is true of the Red Pepper Extract

Like GCBE, this stuff is found in all of our favourite, and in our experience the most effective, fat burners on the market today. It is so dependable that we can’t imagine it not working for anyone if it is dosed correctly (so long as they don’t have an allergy or anything). 

Citrus Aurantium is now probably found in the majority of fat burners making it to market. Many products list it as its more common name: bitter orange. 

The reason this stuff has found its way into so many fat burning supplements is because it contains a molecule called synephrine, which is thought to have a direct influence on lipolysis. Basically, so the story goes, synephrine works in a similar way to ephedrine. Ephedrine is an immensely powerful burner of fat. It has been shown to increase metabolic rate by as much as 5% in actual human trials, and it seems to attack fat mass more than overall body weight. It does everything from increasing the fat made available to mitochondria for lipolysis, to triggering thermogenesis. However, Ephedrine can be extremely dangerous, so we do not advise anyone to use it to help them lose fat. 

[wofmb type=’warning’ theme=1]WARNING: Do not attempt to use ephedrine to help you lose weight. Ephedrine can be extremely dangerous. It is illegal in some countries, and it is known to have a high probability of causing some very serious side effects. Again, stay away from this compound![/wpfmb]

The problem is that it seems to be significantly less potent than ephedrine. And we mean significantly

There is also a real scarcity of rock solid, scientific proof that synephrine works in a similar way in humans as ephedrine. 

This is a real problem, as bitter orange is one of the main ingredients in Shape Shifter by weight. It takes up a very large portion of the formula. We would expect so much space to be reserved for substances that have proven fat burning abilities, not something that has no clinical trial backing!



What Are People Saying About Shape Shifter? – Industry & User Reviews

We are always skeptical of the reviews listed on a manufacturer’s merchant page. 

For one thing, we aren’t ever really sure that they are all real. For another, even the worst product in the world is bound to have a placebo effect for one or two people, and the manufacturer is hardly going to pick reviews to show at random; they are going to choose those handful of glowing reviews to put on the merchant page. 

However, it is still worth taking a look at what other people have been saying about this product. Here is a selection of reviews taken from the Cognizance Shape Shifter merchant site:


Cognizance Shape Shifter Fat Burner Reviews

Cognizance Shape Shifter Industry Reviews

Cognizance Shape Shifter User Feedback

Shape Shifter Customer Feedback


Cognizance Shape Shifter Review Conclusion

We were nicely surprised by the Shape Shifter formula. Cognizance have clearly made a serious effort at producing a solid fat burner here. 

However, making a good effort isn’t what we’re concerning ourselves with. We want a product that is safe, reliable, and will be devastatingly effective for the vast majority of users. 

That is not something we see in Cognizance Shape Shifter. 

Lots of people clearly do get good results from this fat burner, and we’ve read more than one positive Cognizance Shape Shifter review on numerous professional supplement review sites. 

However, we can’t get over the big problems with the product: one of the best ingredients is hugely under-dosed, the main thermogenic ingredient should be doubled in quantity, and other ingredients are potentially all hype – none of them have real, hard, scientific evidence backing them up. 

We think that this might work for quite a few of you, but you are better off spending your money on something that will definitely work. 

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