Capsiplex Sport Review – Does It Really Work?

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  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Contains no real


  • No official, reliable dose information available before purchase
  • Quite expensive

Our Latest Capsiplex Sport Review


Product Overview – What Is Capsiplex Sport?

We couldn’t avoid doing a full length Capsiplex Sport review any longer. This fat burner is apparently incredibly popular among aspiring bodybuilders and amateur boxers, and ti gets plenty of attention online as a result. 

If you search for “Capsiplex Sport review” on Google, you will find plenty of lengthy reviews conducted by both professional and hobby reviewers. Some of them are quite detailed and thorough, while others can certainly do with some fleshing out. 


Capsiplex Sport Review


That’s why we decided to make our Capsiplex Sport review as in-depth as possible; to make sure you had all the information you needed before buying your own bottle. It’s always much better to know the facts before parting with cash, instead of just relying on locker room hearsay, or what a TV commercial tells you. 

So, what is Capsiplex Sport exactly?

Capsiplex Sport is sold both as a fat burner and a natural performance enhancer. 

According to the manufacturers, it can do some pretty amazing things. 

The thing that jumps out at us most is their insistence that Capsiplex Sport makes you “burn up to 278 extra calories a day”. That is very precise!

They claim that taking just one Capsiplex Sport capsule before exercise will ramp up fat loss during training and for hours afterwards. Generally speaking, fat burners aren’t very long-lived. This is why we like supplements that split their serving sizes up into 4 equal doses; so we can take it in equal parts throughout the day. Having everything in one capsule does make side effects more pronounced, but it is also very convenient. 

There is also something else that’s quite unique about Capsiplex Sport: the capsule itself. But we’ll come on to that later. 

On top of all that, we of course get the usual list of benefits that every fat burner claims these days:

  • Boosted energy levels to aid performance
  • Accelerated metabolism
  • Intense thermogenic effect
  • Enhanced focus 
  • Natural, safe ingredients

Well, that all sounds very impressive. But we have heard all of this before, from good and bad supplements alike. 

The real question is: is Capsiplex different? Can Capsiplex Sport really help you burn 278 extra calories per day? Is it really the “same as riding a bike for 4 hours” as the manufacturers claim? Are its effects long-lasting? What are the likely side effects of Capsiplex Sport?

Most importantly, is there anything better than Capsiplex out there? 

We hope to answer all of these questions and more. Without further ado, here is our full Capsiplex Sport Review. 


Capsiplex Sport Formula Review

Capsiplex Sport has quite a simple, straightforward formula. It contains just 8 ingredients in total, all of which we are used to seeing in sports performance supplements and fat burners. This si quite refreshing, because we come across so many supplements that just cram as many ingredients as they can and hope for the best. 

Here is a run-down of the 8 ingredients in Capsiplex, and what they are supposed to do to help with fat loss:


Capsicum Extract

This stuff works by raising your body temperature, thereby forcing your body to work harder to keep itself cool. When the body has to work harder to stay cool, it needs to burn more calories. Voila; you have increased your basal metabolic rate, burning more calories even while at rest.


Capsiplex Sport Capsicum Extract Content


Consuming large amounts of chili peppers in their natural form would be one way to increase your capsicum intake, but it would be pretty hard on your taste buds! It is also good to standardize the amount that you are consuming on a daily basis if your main concern is performance enhancement and fat loss, and not becoming a chili eating champion. 



We all know what caffeine does, but few people realize the impact it can have on performance enhancement. Caffeine significantly reduces the perception of fatigue, meaning that you can train harder and longer, well beyond the point where your brain would normally be telling you to stop. 

This becomes very important during a diet, as your energy levels will be relatively low, and your training will almost invariably suffer in some way. For competing athletes out thee, dieting is something you usually do as your training peaks, so letting your training drop isn’t an option. Caffeine is many people’s go-to supplement at this time. 

Some people are incredibly sensitive to caffeine. These people should completely avoid any supplements containing caffeine, particularly those that do not reveal their formulas in full. If you also consume a lot of caffeine throughout the day, consider opting for a low caffeine fat burner, or one that contains a lot of theanine.



Piperine is found in all the best fat burners today. 

It does not have any direct effect on lipolysis or athletic performance, but it does have one very important property that every on a diet needs. Put simply, piperine helps your body absorb more nutrients from the food that you do eat. While cutting, lots of people begin to fall behind on their micro-nutrients as well as their macro-nutrients. But while cutting back on the latter is the point, the former become more important then ever while cutting. Piperine helps makes sure that every meal counts!


Capsiplex Sport Ingredient Review Piperine



L-Arginine is usually found in intra-workout supplements, such as pump enhancers. This is because it interacts with nitric oxide in the blood, improving blood flow and encouraging vasolidation (where your veins expand to allow more blood to flow). 

Bodybuilders love this stuff. Increasing blood flow is 90% of what they do, so being able to get an even bigger pump than usual is gold dust to them. 

While this isn’t a product designed specifically for bodybuilders, improving blood flow can certainly help anyone’s athletic performance. 

Niacin (Vitamin B3)

Like Piperine, Niacin helps you metabolize energy from food (ref). 

By help, we actually mean that it is absolutely essential for your body to derive the nutrients and calories it needs from the food that you eat. As explained above, it is particularly important to enhance nutrient absorption when cutting back on macro-nutrients (i.e carbs, fats and protein). 


Vitamin C, Magnesium, and Potassium

We are also told that the formula contains a small amount of these three ingredients, which are said to aid focus and concentration. 

They may do that, but small amounts of these three substances wont significantly affect concentration or focus. Vitamin C helps with physical recovery, but it is usually taken in very large amounts. 

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Formula Review – Will Capsiplex Sport Work For Me?

Despite the fact that it contains one or two quite good ingredients, we aren’t overly optimistic about this formula to say the least. 

That’s because we can’t find ANY dosage information for any of the Capsiplex Sport ingredients. 

We will always review a supplement that does not reveal its formula in full quite harshly. We expect to see the entire formula INCLUDING SERVING SIZES right there on the website, long before we even get close to parting with cash.

Until we find any reliable information regarding serving sizes, we can’t say whether this supplement will work well for you, give you horrendous side effects, or do nothing at all. Proprietary blends, this is almost always the case, and we never recommend a supplement to anyone if we have no idea what its effects are likely to be. 

Natural fat burners are often highly sensitive to dose. One amount will work great, another amount wont work at all, and a high dose might cause terrible side effects. This is why we need to know what is in the supplement before we buy any; otherwise, we risk throwing money down the drain!


Capsiplex Sport Fat Burner Ingredient Serving Sizes


As far as we’re concerned, that fact makes Capsiplex Sport a second-rate fat burner, regardless of the actual serving sizes that are in the supplement.

Manufacturers that do not make their supplement’s contents readily available to potential customers are really doing them a disservice. They not only open them up to potential side effects if the serving sizes are too big for said individual, but they also rob them of the right to learn from their experiences with Capsiplex Sport. 

The lack of reliable dosing information is never a good thing, but the fact that Cpasiplex contains caffeine and chili extract means that we need serving sizes for all ingredients more so than we would if the product contained just herbal extracts due to potential side effects

This really is a shame. If Capsiplex Sport’s makers had just listed the serving sizes on the website, they may well have a wonderful supplement on their hands. 

The fact that they don’t tells us that they’re either covering up cheap production costs, or they simply don’t understand the value that their customers get out of knowing exactly what they’re taking. Either way, we don’t think that we can say Capsiplex Sport is likely to work for most of you. 


What About The Capsiplex Capsule?

The Capsiplex Sport website makes a very big deal about the capsule itself.

This is highly unusual; normally, manufacturers just opt for either a gelatin or a vege-friendly cellulose capsule (our preference).

However, we’re told that the Capsiplex Sport delivery method marks it out from the crowd. Here’s what we mean:


Capsiplex Sport Capsule Analysis


We certainly appreciate it when manufacturers go the extra mile when it comes to their customers’ comfort, but none of our review team have ever experienced any noticeable discomfort when taking capsicum extract in the usual way as part of a fat burner stack.

Of course, that might just be us; this product might make the world of difference to someone else!

That said, we do slightly suspect that this might be an example of marketing making a big deal about not very much. 


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Will Capsiplex Sport Cause Side Effects?

Because we can’t find any reliable dosing information, we can’t say whether or not this product is likely to cause side effects. 

Proprietary blends always cause this problem, which is really a double-edged sword. 

On the one hand, we often suspect that the reason a manufacturer isn’t shouting their formula from the rooftops is because they want to hide how cheap it is to really make.

Proprietary blends let manufacturers say that their products contain the best, and most expensive, ingredients on the market, but they only have to include 1ug (that’s microgram) to say that it is in the formula. This makes the supplement sound great while keeping costs to a minimum. Cheaper ingredients are then used to make up the bulk of the formula, and the customer is none the wiser. 

We might, therefore, expect Capsiplex Sport to contain very little caffeine and chili extract

On the other hand, we would quite simply never recommend that anyone takes any supplement without knowing exactly what it is that they’re taking. We would never do that ourselves; there is no need to do so, since so many great fat burners do reveal their formulas in full. 

There is always the possibility that a manufacturer has been gravely irresponsible with its dosing; why risk taking 500mg of caffeine when you can buy a superior supplement and be on total control of what you put in your body?

As always, we urge anyone who is thinking of trying a new fat burner to consult with their doctor before they begin. You never know how you will react to strange herbal extracts, stimulants and concentrates, even if you are used to supplements that contain such ingredients!


Capsiplex Sport Review Conclusion

We’ve tried to do as detailed a review of Capsiplex Sport as we can. 

The majority of the Capsiplex Sport reviews out there seem to be highly positive. 

While we understand why people would be enthusiastic about this product, we have serious reservations. The main problem is that we couldn’t find any reliable information regarding the serving sizes of the ingredients. 

So the fact that Capsiplex Sport contains some really good fat burners (namely caffeine and chili extract), we can’t say that they will definitely be effective for you, because we have no idea how much the product contains!

Using caffeine as just one example, a serving size of 10mg would be almost pointless, while 500mg would be far too much. We have no way of knowing whether it is at either of these extremes, or somewhere in the middle.

For that reason, we can’t recommend this supplement to anyone looking for a safe, reliable, and predictably effective fat burner. For that, check out our top rated products. 

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