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  • Contains some good ingredients


  • Potential serious side effect risks
  • Contains useless ingredients


Full Cannibal Inferno AmPed Review


Cannibal Inferno AmPed is a fat burner distributed by a company called Chaos and Pain

These guys haven’t been on the scene for very long. Yet they already have a couple of supplements available on Amazon. They don’t seem to be going down the route of traditional bodybuilding supplements. Instead, they’ve so far focused on things like a “partitioning catalyst”, which is a lot more specialist than many manufacturers go right from the start. 

So what is Cannibal Inferno AmPed all about?

What does it do and who is it designed for?


Cannibal Inferno AmPed review


If we look at the bottle, we see that Cannibal Inferno AmPed is described as “full-tilt thermogenic insanity”. 

This product clearly bills itself as an incredibly hardcore supplement.

This is the description taken from one Amazon merchant page: “No one has ever looked in the mirror and thought, yeah, I’m lean enough. Even the people who are so lean you can see their pancreas flexing as it secretes insulin thinks there’s some fat on their body that could stand to disappear. It’s for that reason that Chaos and Pain has released Cannibal Inferno- body fat is the enemy, and we’re declaring total war. This isn’t just a stim-junkie pill, either.”

That’s a pretty interesting primer right there.

So if we believe the word of the manufacturer, users of Chaos and Pain’s Cannibal Inferno AmPed can reasonably expect the following benefits:

  • Enhanced fat loss
  • Extra calorie burning via thermogenesis
  • Greater fat loss than other, less “hardcore” supplements


But sadly, we can’t just take the word of the manufacturer for granted. We need to get down and dirty with the formula to see if this product can actually deliver on these promises. 

Does Cannibal Inferno AmPed work as advertised?

Is it safe?

How does it compare to the top fat burners available today?

Read our full Cannibal Inferno AmPed review below to find out. We look at the ingredients, doses, and potential side effect risks. If you have any comments, please let us know!


Cannibal Inferno AmPed Formula

Here is the Cannibal Inferno AmPed formula as it should appear on the bottle:


Cannibal Inferno AmPed formula


Unfortunately, aside from this ingredient list, we don’t have access to a lot of information regarding Cannibal Inferno AmPed.

We don’t have any kind of dosing schedule or information regarding the other, inactive ingredients.

As such, we are unable to say whether this product is vegetarian-friendly.

We are also unable to say whether or not this supplement is safe! We will cover this point in much greater detail in the side effect section. 

On the whole though, we aren’t big fans of this formula.

We really don’t think Cannibal Inferno AmPed is going to be able to deliver on any of the promises made by Chaos and Pain. 

The doses are very low across the board.

The main ingredient can help with fat loss, but alone it does not justify the premium price tag of Cannibal Inferno AmPed.

It also has some serious side effect issues that we need to address.

Here is an overview of the main benefits and main problems with Chaos and Pain’s Cannibal Inferno AmPed.


What We Like

There are some effective ingredients in here.

Together, this combination can deliver real, meaningful benefits in terms of accelerated fat loss and enhancing athletic performance during a cut.

The big one that jumps out at us here is green coffee bean extract.

As explained in this article, green coffee bean extract is a superb natural fat burner. You will see that we think this stuff works primarily by blunting the insulin spike you get after breaking a fast or consuming simple carbs and protein. 

100mg per serving can be enough to give you all of the beenfits associated with this marvelous ingredient. However, this very much depends on the extract quality.

We aren’t told the strength of the extract used in Cannibal Inferno AmPed. That is a major issue. If every 100mg contains only a tiny amount of chlorogenic acid (the active ingredient) then we aren’t getting much bang for our buck. 

We also get some ALCAR in here.

ALCAR is an immensely popular ingredient among bodybuilders. Guys have used ALCAR during a cut for a long time now, so don’t be surprised to learn that it works. 

It increases mitochondrial capacity, which means that it essentially helps your cellular mitochondria release more energy from the same amount of raw material. 

This has obvious benefits if you want to keep training hard while dieting hard.

While the 650mg in Cannibal Inferno AmPed sounds generous, this is the absolute minimum dose we would suggest people use if their purpose is to boost performance during a cut. 

Since this is by far the most prominent ingredient in Cannibal Inferno AmPed, we think it really isn’t anything to get excited about.

If you want the benefits of ALCAR, just buy a standalone ALCAR supplement!


What We Dislike

There is a lot that we dislike here.

We will try to get through these points as quickly as possible. These problems are not in order of importance; that is for you to decide!

One major problem with this supplement is that users are potentially ingesting 300mg of caffeine in a single dose.

That is far too much caffeine to take in one sitting.

Stacks like Instant Knockout contain more than 200mg of caffeine per serving, but their serving sizes are a daily total serving. Doses are consumed at regular intervals throughout the day; 4 equal servings are consumed.

That means that you aren’t consuming more than 100mg of caffeine in any single serving. 

We don’t have any dosing schedule info with Cannibal Inferno AmPed so it is possible that users will be forced to consume 300mg of caffeine at once. 

We have no problem advising you NOT TO DO THIS!


Another major problem is the use of useless, over-hyped and potentially dangerous ingredients. 

For example, look at Synephrine

We see this stuff all the time in cheap and nasty fat burners, and we wish we didn’t.

Synephrine is used in lots of fat burners today because its structure closely resembles that of ephedrine. Ephedrine is a powerful inducer of fat loss (it is currently used as a treatment for acute allergic reactions, so it is not something you want to mess around with). 

But it should be blindingly obvious to you that a similar structure does not mean that two substances have similar properties.

In reality, synephrine does not stimulate fat loss. There has never been a scientific study showing that synephrine stimulates fat loss in any way. 

Since the only argument for synephrine’s power is the structural similarity to ephedrine, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. 


Hordenien Cannibal Inferno AmPed bad ingredients


Another dodgy ingredient in the Cannibal Inferno AmPed formula is Hordenine

We hate hordenine. 

This stuff is a favorite among the scammy diet pills that flood late night TV. 

Hordenine is a mild stimulant. It is thought by many to promote fat loss by suppressing appetite.

Other people claim that it is a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor, which means that it basically keeps your circulating adrenaline levels artificially high. 

We can’t stress this enough: do not try to lose weight with stimulants that suppress your appetite. 

Do not attempt to lose fat by ramping up your adrenaline levels. 

Neither of these two methods work, they are counterproductive.

On top of that, they are extremely dangerous. 

We strongly dislike supplements that use things like hordenine and synephrine. For one thing, we don’t think these ingredients work. But if they do work as claimed, then we still want nothing to do with them! Neither should you. 


-Learn More From Our Supplement Guide-


Cannibal Inferno AmPed Side Effects

There are several serious side effect concerns with Cannibal Inferno AmPed. 

If there is one thing we want you to take away from this Cannibal Inferno AmPed review, it is the fact that we cannot be sure that this product is even likely safe. It could easily be prone to causing side effects.

The fact that we cannot be sure (since we don’t know the dosing schedule) is not something to be reassured by. 

It is in fact extremely worrying.

When it comes to your safety, uncertainty is always bad. 

For starters, there’s the 300mg of caffeine per serving. 

If this 300mg is to be consumed in a single sitting, then this is far too much. 

300mg of caffeine needs to be broken up and consumed over a period of hours. Imagine downing 5 espressos one after another. Not good, right?

The short term effects of consuming this much caffeine will include heart palpitations, high blood pressure, light headedness, irritability, and eventually, an energy crash. 

The potential long-term risks can be serious

There are also potentially serious side effects arising from the use of both synephrine and hordenine. 

We strongly advise you to look into these potential risks before using anything that contains synephrine or hordenine. 

It is vital that you consult with your doctor about your intentions to use a fat burner like this. You need to get a qualified health professional’s opinion on the ingredients outlined here. No matter how safe you think a supplement is, or no mater how many people use it without incident, you should not gamble with your own health.


Cannibal Inferno AmPed Review Conclusion

If you’ve read our full Cannibal Inferno AmPed review, then you will know that we are seriously unimpressed with this supplement. 

The formula is full of problems, ranging from poor ingredient doses, useless ingredients, or side effect risks. 

If you are looking for serous results, then we advise you to use a comprehensive fat burner with plenty of proven users and a robust formula backed by science. 

Chaos and Pain may continue producing supplements, and their range may get better with time.

But it is not your job as a consumer to give new guys a chance. You obviously came to this site because your main concerns are results, value for money, and safety. 

As far as those three criteria go, Cannibal Inferno AmPed fails every one for us.

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