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Cabomoor Fat Burner

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  • Contains some proven fat burners


  • Proprietary blends!
  • Blend composition means some ingredients inevitably under-dosed
  • No idea how much caffeine or synephrine is in each serving


Full Review Of Cabomoor Fat Burner


Product Overview

Cabomoor Fat Burner is an incredibly popular product right now. Not only is it featured on Amazon (at the time of writing), but there’s a lot of talk about this supplement online and in gyms across the US. 

If you’ve found your way onto this review, then chances are, you’ve heard some of the buzz and want to know more. 

So, what is Cabomoor Fat Burner all about?


Full Cabomoor Fat Burner Review


The manufacturers have chosen to describe Cabomoor Fat Burner as a “rapid metabolizer”. The words “thermogenic formula” appear on the bottle itself, and much of the marketing material makes a lot out of its thermogenic and metabolism-boosting properties. 

Interestingly, one of the touted benefits of this fat loss supplement is that it contains “fast acting” ingredients. 

Of course, this all sounds wonderful. But if everything that a manufacturer claimed about their product were true, the world would be full of supplements that could work downright magic. 

So, the important question we need to ask ourselves about Cabomooor Fat Burner is: does it really work? 

Can Cabomoor Fat Burner really help us lose belly fat in rapid time?

Will Cabomoor Fat Burner cause unwanted side effects?

There’s really only one way to find out. We need to look at Cabomoor Fat Burner independently of the marketing hype. We need to look at its formula, and see if the ingredients can really deliver on the claims of the manufacturers. 

So, without further ado, here is our full review of Cabomoor Fat Burner. 


Cabomoor Fat Burner – Formula Review

Before we get into the details, you should take a look at the formula for yourself.

All reputable manufcaturers will let you see their fat burner’s formula before you have to part with money. The ingredient list, as it appears on the bottle itself, should be clearly displayed on the product website.

Here is the Cabomoor Fat Burner formula, as seen on the bottle:

Cabomoor Fat Burner Formula Review


Proprietary Blends!

That’s right; Cabomoor Fat Burner doesn’t lay out each ingredient’s serving size individually.

Instead, we are given three proprietary blends, each containing several ingredients.

We have written about the trouble with proprietary blends extensively on this site. We therefore see no need to discuss at any great length the problems with a fat burner that doesn’t reveal individual ingredient serving sizes.

We will simply say that when you don’t know how much of each ingredient is in each serving, you can’t do two things:

  • Use past experiences to make an informed, logical buying decision
  • Use your experience with this supplement to inform future buying decisions.

As stated above, we have discussed this in detail elsewhere, and we will soon be publishing a full article on why proprietary blends in general represent poor value for money for customers.


Cabomoor Fat Burner Uses Proprietary Blends


That said, some proprietary blends are much worse than others.

Some fat burners list their ingredients as a part of one, big proprietary blend. These is a worst case scenrio.

With a single, large proprietary blend, we really do have no idea how much of any one ingredient is in the formula.

For instance, one big blend of 1200mg composed of 12 ingredients doesn’t necessarily mean that each ingredient has 100mg. One ingredient may have 1188mg, and the others may all have 1mg each.

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As wary consumers, unless we are explicitly told otherwise by the manufacturer, we can’t assume otherwise. We have to assume the worst; otherwise, the manufacturer should tell us.

Other supplements do a little better than this. Some fat burners divide their formula up into smaller proprietary blends, meaning that we can get a somewhat better idea of how each individual ingredient is dosed.

We still don’t know exactly how much of a given ingredient is in a single serving, but it’s better than nothing.

Cabomoor Fat Burner thankfully falls into the latter category.


Does The Cabomoor Formula Stack Up?

There are a number of problems with the Cabomoor Fat Burner blends.

The Energy and Focus Blend is 450mg in size. This means that it is highly possible that its main ingredient, caffeine, is highly over-dosed.

We wouldn’t recommend that anyone, regardless of how serious they are about powering their workouts through a savage diet, take over 400mg of caffine in a single serving. Side effects of taking too much caffeine include anxiety, jitteriness, and insomnia.

Since we don’t know if there is less than 400mg of caffeine in a single serving, we need to assume the worst.

The other problem with this blend is actually the opposite in nature. There is no way that there is enough L-Tyrosine in this blend to really make a big difference to your fat loss progress.

L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that you get naturally in your diet. There are benefits to supplementation, no question about it, but it is usually dosed above 500mg.

For it to even be reasonable to include in the blend, it would need to literally take up the entire blend. Ultimately, this blend is not big enough for both caffeine and Tyrosine to really do their stuff at the same time. One should have really been discarded, or the blend size should be increased.


Tyrosine Cabomoor Fat Burner


There are even bigger problems with the Thermogenesis Blend.

The main issue is that it doesn’t seem to be remotely thermogenic.

The two ingredients it contains are generally thought to be powerful, natural fat burners. While we have our doubts about the effectiveness of raspberry ketones, many people swear by them.

We also know that green tea extract can be a devastatingly effective natural fat burner. It is one of our favourite ingredients, and a trove of tudies attest to its ability to speed up fat loss.

However, neither ingredient is thought to work by promoting thermogenesis.

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A bigger problem is the dosage.

In a serious, professional quality fat burner, we would expect to see about 200mg of green tea extract, if not more.

The fact that the blend is 40mg total means it is unlikely that you will derive any benefit from the green tea extract at all. In fact, at 40mg you would be better placed having a single cup of green tea each day.

The dosage problem appears again in the Lipolysis Blend.

To put it simply, 7mg is not enough to allow any of the ingredients contained therein to really have an impact. Certainly not the kind of impact you will be looking for from a professional, high-spec fat burner.


Cabomoor Fat Burner Side Effects

It’s usually difficult to say whether a fat burner that utilizes a proprietary blend is likely to cause side effects or not. It is even more difficult to say to what degree you might experience those side effects.

This is another reason why we normally shy away from using supplements that don’t list individual ingredient serving sizes. 

The problem is most pronounced when the product contains ingredients that are known to cause significant side effects at higher dosages. 

Unfortunately, Cabomoor Fat Burner contains two ingredients that are known to cause side effects at higher dosages: caffeine and synephrine (also known as bitter orange). 

The caffeine in Cabomoor is lumped into a 450mg blend. This means that Cabomoor Fat Burner could contain over 400mg of caffeine; an insane amount!

Of course, it might contain 200mg, but then it might not. The fact that we are left to speculate is not the consumer’s problem; it’s the manufacturer’s!

As regular readers of this site will have noticed, we’re very skeptical about synephrine’s usefulness as a fat burner. 

To put it bluntly, we just haven’t seen any convincing evidence that this stuff actually encourages fat loss. We definitely haven’t seen any robust scientific evidence suggesting that it works as well as the likes of green coffee bean extract or CLA. 

We have noticed, however, that lots of users report experiencing some side effects while using synephrine. Take a look on some forums and see for yourself. The most common complaint seems to be headaches.

As always, we advise you to do more than simply check some online reviews before putting your safety at risk.

When starting out with a new fat burner, you should talk to your doctor and let them know what you’re planning to do. This is even more important when you are going to combine your use of a new supplement with  strict diet and a grueling exercise regimen. 

You should talk to your doctor regardless of how experienced you are with cutting in this manner. Modern fat burners contain all sorts of strange substances, and you never know how your body will react!


Cabomoor Fat Burner Review Conclusion

Cabomoor Fat Burner is a much easier product to sum-up than others. 

The main problems with Cabomoor Fat Burner are the same problems that beset hundreds of other bodybuilding supplements: proprietary blends that will inevitably leave some ingredients under-dosed. 

The use of blends containing caffeine and synephrine also leave open the possibility that you will experience some fairly annoying side effects.

We think that if you’re looking for a serious, professional-grade fat burner to help power you through your next cut, or just something to keep you fired up in the gym while you get rid of that last bit of belly fat, then you can definitely do better than Cabomoor Fat Burner.

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