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  • Could contain a very large dose of caffeine
  • Lots of useless ingredients
  • Stay away from prop blends



Full Roxylean Review


Roxylean is a weight loss supplement from BPI Sports. BPI are an absolute giant of the supplement industry.

They predominantly make bodybuilding supplements, but the diversity of their current offerings is pretty impressive.

At the time of writing, they sell protein powders, pre-workouts, creatine, testosterone boosters, and a handful of different fat burners.

But you’re here for a full Roxylean review, not an appraisal of BPI Sports.


Roxylean review


So what is this fat loss supplement all about?

What is Roxylean supposed to do?

According to the bottle itself, Roxylean is a “medi-biological weight loss” formula.

It is described as an all-in-one “weight loss and energy catalyst”.

If we look at the official website, we see that Roxylean is supposedly able to:

  • Accelerate fat loss
  • Promote thermogenesis
  • Increase metabolism
  • Control appetite
  • Provide “nonstop energy & mental clarity”

That is a comprehensive set of properties.

If BPI Sports Roxylean can actually do all of these things, then it is quite right to call itself an “all-in-one” fat burner.

But that is a big “if”.

Every fat loss supplement claims top do these things, but a tiny fraction deliver.

Can Roxylean really do all of this?

Can it suppress appetite WHILE boosting metabolism?

Is Roxylean safe?

Does it provide good value for money? Or is there a better option?

How does Roxylean compare to our current top rated fat burners?

We’ll answer all of these questions in our full BPI Sports Roxylean review, which you’ll find below. As always, we’ll start with the most important stuff; the ingredients.


Roxylean Formula

Check out the Roxylean formula:


Roxylean formula


Well, that is a let down.

There are plenty of problems here.

Let’s start with the most fundamental.



Proprietary Blend

As they do with other supplements, BPI Sports have decided to hide the full facts about Roxylean behind a proprietary blend.

They have decided not to tell us how each individual ingredient is dosed.

Instead, they have listed the ingredients and just given us a total serving size.

We have no idea how any of the ingredients are dosed.

What we need to do as customers is consider the worst case scenario.

It is perfectly possible for 99.9% of the Roxylean formula to be taken up by a single ingredient.

All we know from the label is that Roxylean’s prop blend contains 8 ingredients and has a total serving size of 510mg.

Any one of those ingredients could be dosed at 509mg, with the other ingredients thrown in in trace amounts.

That wouldn’t contradict the information we are given on the label.

Not great.

Manufacturers often object to us speculating like this, but they are the ones forcing us to think about the worst possibilities.

We would much rather not have to speculate – WE WOULD MUCH RATHER JUST BE GIVEN THE FACTS!

But not all proprietary blends are bad in the same way, or equally bad.

Some are worse than others.

So how does Roxylean’s proprietary blend compare to others?

Not well.


Low Average Serving Size

Just dividing the blend by the number of ingredients is by no means an accurate way of ascertaining the serving sizes of the product.

But it does show us how generous or thrifty the blend is overall.

Roxylean contains 8 ingredients and has a total serving size of 510mg.

That gives us an average serving size of 63.75mg.

That doesn’t mean every ingredient is dosed at 63.75mg.

It does mean that for any ingredient to be dosed over 63.75mg, another has to be dosed below 63.75mg.

Even if all of the ingredients in Roxylean were robustly proven, powerful natural fat burners, it is unlikely that they can all work effectively at a dose of 63.75mg.

As such, some of the ingredients will need to be left completely impotent for others to thrive.

Either that or all of them are dosed so low as to make them pointless.

But the Roxylean formula isn’t composed exclusively of scientifically proven, effective, potent fat burners.

Instead, we have a lot of useless dead weight here.



Useless Ingredients

The bulk of the Roxylean formula is useless.

BPI Sports have inexplicably included substances in Roxylean that have no notable properties at all.

They have never been proven to help with fat loss, be it through supporting physical performance, mood, and appetite control.

Take White Willow for example.

We have no reason to think that this stuff can help you during your next cut in any way.

And since we have no reason to think that it does, we don’t. Simple.

Manufacturers can say that it has X amazing property, or Y power that “scientists don’t want you to know”, but until we see hard empirical evidence, we’re calling BS.

This same charge can be levied against most of the ingredients in BPI Sports Roxylean: Whole Lemon, Yohimbe, Rauwolfia – all of them totally benign.

Avoid paying good money for dead weight, even if some ingredients have stuff to offer.


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Roxylean Side Effects

The main side effect concern with Roxylean is the fact that it contains an unknown amount of caffeine.

It is perfectly possible for each serving of Roxylean to contain 509mg of caffeine anhydrous.

That is a huge amount of caffeine to be consuming in a single dose.

That is actually a huge amoujnt of caffeine to be consuming across an entire day.

509mg of caffeine is roughly as much caffeine as you will get from 8 medium Americanos (assuming 1 shot of espresso per cup).

That’s a lot of caffeine.

The likelihood of you experiencing side effects is increased by the fact that Roxylean uses caffeine anhydrous; this is a dehydrated form of caffeine.

All of its water molecules are removed. So we have more caffeine on a gram for gram basis than the normal form of caffeine we consume.

It is very important that you take stock of your existing caffeine consumption before you start adding in more via supplements. You might think 500mg doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you already consume 4 coffees per day, and extra 500mg is FAR TOO MUCH.

The side effects of consuming this amount of caffeine in a single dose are likely to be pretty noticable.

Possible side effects from caffeine include:

  • Hypertension
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Sweating
  • Anxiety
  • Jitters
  • Irritability
  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Stomach cramps
  • Diarrhoea

Make no mistake: caffeine is an incredibly strong stimulant.


The long term health effects of consuming such large amounts of caffeine include an increased risk of heart disease and possibly some forms of cancer.

It is imperative that you talk to a doctor befor eusing a product like Roxylean. You’re delaing with an unknown quantity of caffeine, so your physician needs to know what you’re taking.

We aren’t doctors, and neither are the people telling you to buy Roxylean.

Talk to a qualified physician today.


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Roxylean Review Conclusion – Worth The Hype?

If you haven’t read our full BPI Sports Roxylean review, then we’ll try to sum it up quickly here.

The Roxylean formula is hidden behind a proprietary blend.

That means we have no idea how any of the ingredients are dosed.

We have a lot of dead weight in here. Useless ingredients abound.

We have a low average serving size, which means that at least some of the ingredients must be dosed so low as to make them useless.

Either that, or all of them are dosed so low as to be totally impotent.

We also have a potentially very high dose of caffeine anhydrous in here; enough to cause serious side effects anyway.

To put it simply, this isn’t a very good fat burner.

Next to some of the best fat loss supplements on the market today, it is pretty terrible.

If you want real results, value for money, and reliability, Roxylean isn’t for you.

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