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  • Turmeric is not a fat burner
  • Curry leaf isn't a fat burner
  • Missing everything that makes up a modern fat burning supplement
  • Total waste of money
  • One ingredient needs to be tested properly for long-term safety


Full Slimvance Review


Slimvance is an extremely popular bodybuilding supplement right now. A natural fat burner made by BODYDYNAMIX, this stuff is really getting a lot of attention online!

BODYDYNAMIX isn’t a big supplement brand at all; we can’t actually find an independent website for these guys. It seems that they sell exclusively through GNC and Amazon. They also only have a couple of products on offer; Slimvance Core Slimming Complex, Slimvance Thermogenic, and a Garcinia Cambogia supplement. We’re going to focus on the more popular Core Slimming Complex in this review. 

So, what’s all the fuss about?

What is this product supposed to do? Why should anybody care?


BODYDYNAMIX Slimvance box


As you can see from the box, BODYDYNAMIX are happy to make some very bold claims about this product; claims that strike us as highly unlikely. According to them, Slimvance delivers “6 x more weight loss” and a “3 x hip and waist reduction”. 

You don’t need to be a medical expert to realize why these claims are ridiculous, if not impossible. No supplement is going to be able to increase the amount of weight you lose by a factor of 6 – no pill can magically make you lose 6 pounds of fat for every 1 you would have lost without it. 

The promise of “3 x hip and waist reduction” does’t even make sense – Will your waist shrink to a third of its size? Will your hips decrease by a third? WHAT DOES IT MEAN?!

These claims aren’t even desirable, let alone realistic. 

We’re not interested in losing weight. We’re interested in losing fat. That’s the purpose of a fat burner; to help you preferentially lose fat over muscle mass. 

But this fat burner does claim to enhance fat loss. It also isn’t the first time we’ve seen a manufacturer going a little overboard with its promises. So we’re going to cut it some slack and let the formula do the talking. 

Does Slimvance really work as advertised?

Is it safe? What are the side effect risks like?

Is there a better choice out there for you and your goals?

In our detailed Slimvance review below, we answer all of these questions in as much detail as possible. We’ll discuss the ingredients, doses, and what the scientific literature has to say about the formula as a whole. We will also lay out side effect risks and value for money. If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section at the end. 


Slimvance Formula

Let’s take a closer look at the Slimvance formula:


Ingredients list


Wow. What a joke!

That is an absolutely terrible formula. There’s so much wrong with this that we barely know where to start.

First of all, there’s the “patented blend”. Don’t be fooled by manufacturers who try to make out like they’ve got some kind of secret sauce that they need to patent and guard from competitors. Proprietary blends are total scams done to hide the truth from potential customers – that truth being the formula is garbage! People don’t steal formulas, especially when they look like this!

Then we have the fact that BODYDYNAMIX have used unnecessarily exotic names for commonplace herbs. Murraya koenigii is the Curry Tree, and Curcuma Longa is better known as Turmeric. Nice try though guys!

The real problem, however, is the simple fact that THESE INGREDIENTS DO NOTHING FOR FAT LOSS!

There are no fat burners in this supplement – none that have been proven to work by science at least. 

Proprietary blends are bad enough, but it’s rare that we see one composed of just 3 ingredients, all of which are total duds.

What a total waste of money this supplement is. We don’t know what BODYDYNAMIX are expecting here; there’s no way that this product is going to be able to compete with the top fat burners on the market today. It isn’t even in the same league – after all, it’s not got any fat burners in the formula!

Let’s go through this in more detail. 


Main Weakness – Ingredients Don’t Burn Fat

If we just looked at the formula, we wouldn’t think this was a fat burner. The only reason it’s being reviewed here is because it calls itself a fat burner. There is nothing about this formula which makes us think “fat loss”, “athletic performance”, “recovery”, or anything else that might be of use to someone planning a cut. 

It might sound ridiculous, but the main problem with Slimvance is that it doesn’t contain any ingredients known to aid with fat loss. 

Turmeric is used in more and more supplements these days. It’s extremely trendy these days to talk about turmeric like it’s a panacea – a magical cure-all. Health blogs produce thousands of words on this common spice every single week. The claims range from the scientifically-valid to the fanciful: some say it can reduce inflammation, some claim it might prevent cancer. 

It seems as though turmeric does indeed support good overall health. Recent studies, such as this one, have found that turmeric does have multiple different health benefits (reduced inflammation, reduced muscle soreness, better bowel function, etc). However, the authors noted that you need to consume piperine with turmeric for it to be sufficiently bio-available. 

But turmeric does not have any proven fat burning properties. 

It does not contribute in any way to faster fat loss, more muscle preservation, or better athletic performance. 


Turmeric powder


The same is true for both of the other ingredients in Slimvance.

There’s no evidence that curry tree leaf extracts promote fat loss.

Moringa oleifera has never been shown to accelerate fat loss, increase energy levels, or suppress appetite. There is absolutely no reason to believe that it can do anything to help you do better during your next cutting phase. 

We have no idea why either of these ingredients are here. 

The fact that they are both cheap to buy in large amounts, seemingly safe to consume and readily available might have something to do with it, but that’s just speculation. 

What we don’t need to speculate about is the fact that there are lots of things missing from Slimvance. 

The fact that the formula is exclusively composed of dud, ineffective ingredients means that it is missing all of the things that we normally look for in a fat burner!

There’s no appetite suppressant. 

There’s no energy kick.

There’s nothing to stimulate fat cell metabolism. 

There’s nothing to enhance insulin action. 

Basically, there’s none of the things that usually combine to form a fat burner.


-Does Cardio Eat Muscle Mass?-


Side Effects – Is Slimvance Safe?

The thing we’ve been trying to make clear in this review is that Slimvance is made up of useless herbs. There’s only three ingredients, and we can’t find a shred of evidence that any of them do anything at all. 

However, the fact that it seems useless in terms of enhancing fat loss doesn’t mean it is safe. The fact that we don’t know how any of the ingredients are dosed means that it is inherently riskier to use Slimvance than other, comparable supplements. 

Turmeric is widely taken as a general health supplement. It’s heavily used in food, usually in far larger amounts than you’ll find in this stack. We don’t think it’s going to cause any problems for the vast majority of you – unless you have an allergy that is. 

Curry leaf is also widely used in cooking, mostly in India. If you regularly eat Indian food, then you already consume this stuff on a regular basis. Again, we don’t think this stuff is going to cause many of you any side effects whatsoever. Those of you with serious allergies to curry leaf (which we’ve never heard of) will have trouble. Maybe the only real risk is digestive discomfort from eating too much of the stuff. 


Side effect risks


It is a different matter with Moringa Oleifera. To our knowledge this stuff has not been thoroughly tested for human consumption. There have been a few studies carried out, all looking at very specific benefits. However, as this paper notes, more needs to be done to establish whether it is safe or not. No robust studies have been done looking at a large sample size and with a specific focus on safety. 

All in all, we think side effects are unlikely for most users, but we still think the side effect risks are disproportionate to the potential benefits. It’s not really worth the risk of getting side effects from the Moringa Oleifera when we don’t stand to benefit from using it!


We are not doctors.

This is not medical advice.

You MUST do your own research and talk to a doctor before using any supplements discussed on this site. These supplements are not a quick fix for being overweight; they are serious supplements for dedicated athletes who know what they’re doing. They need to be used in conjunction with good diet and exercise practices.


How Much Does Slimvance Cost?

Slimvance currently sells on GNC for a whopping $59.99.

That’s $60 for a product that is probably just 400mg of Turmeric mixed with two other dud ingredients. 

As far as we can tell, there’s no multi-buy discounts, and no money back guarantee. 

Slimvance therefore offers significantly worse value for money than pretty much every other fat burner on the market. The likes of Instant Knockout and BurnerTEK sell for about the same price, yet they contain lots of scientifically-proven fat burners in good amounts, and they offer multi-buy discounts. 

Don’t waste your money on this garbage! We expect supplement manufacturers to be transparent with us about their formulas. We’re not paying anyone $59.99 if they wont tell us how the ingredients are dosed!


Slimvance Review Summary – Is It Worth A Try?

In our opinion this isn’t really a fat burner – the only thing that makes it so is the fact that it claims to be one on the bottle.

The formula contains just three ingredients.

Two of them, Curcuma longa and Murraya koenigii are more commonly known as turmeric and curry tree leaf. They are classic ingredients in Indian food, not potent fat burners.

The other ingredient – Moringa Oleifera – has not properly been tested for safety or efficacy in humans.

So basically, you have 3 ingredients, and not one fat burner. 

As if that wasn’t bad enough, BODYDYNAMIX have lumped these useless ingredients together into one homoegenous proprietary blend. We therefoe don’t know how any of them are dosed. But since there’s no real need for anyone to use prop blends, we think it’s highly likely this has been done to hide the fact that Slimvance is mostly just turmeric powder.

If you’re looking for better results from your next cut, whether that’s help beating hunger or some extra energy in the gym, there are much better supplements out there than BODYDYNAMIX Slimvance. 

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