BLV Labs Thermo MAXX Review – A Poor Attempt!

Thermo MAXX









  • Uses many useless ingredientsq
  • Low doses across the board
  • Contains very few proven fat burners
  • Why use guarana and not just caffeine? - Cost Cutting!


BLV Labs Thermo MAXX Review


Thermo MAXX is a brand new fat burner from BLV Labs.

BLV Labs aren’t very prominent in the bodybuilding supplement industry. We don’t think we’ve seen any other products made by these guys.

Thermo MAXX is described as “thermogenic weightloss support”. “Weightloss” isn’t a word, so we’re already skeptical as to how much these guys know their industry.

But we will keep an ope mind going into this review.


BLV Labs Thermo MAXX Review


According to the Thermo MAXX merchant page, users of this fat burner can expect the following benefits:

  • Increased thermogenesis
  • Increased metabolism
  • Appetite suppression
  • Greater energy levels

We never actually like to see a fat burner promising “appetite suppression”.

It is assumed that most visitors to our site are sports enthusiasts.

They need help cutting, but they still need to perform in the gym.

If you want to perform optimall in the gym, in the ring, or on the field, you need to be able to eat on shcedule.

That’s why we prefer a supplement which reduces hunger pangs and makes meals feel larger in the stomach, rather than actually suppressing appetite.

But this may well be a linguistic nuance not understood by the manufacturer – after all, they did create the world “weightloss”.

So does this bodybuilding supplement work?

Is Thermo MAXX a good fat loss aid?

Is it safe? What are the likely side effects?

Is it right for you? How does Thermo MAXX compare to other products on the market today?

We’ll answer all of these questions in our full Thermo MAXX review, found below. If you have any questions then just let us know in the comments section at the end.

Thermo MAXX Formula

Let’s have a look at the Thermo MAXX formula:


Thermo MAXX Formula


Overall, we think this formula is far too busy.

It is massively over-strecthed; there are too many ingredients and doses are too low in key areas.

It is full of ingredients that offer no advantages when it comes to fat loss or physical performance.

Overall, we’re pretty disappointed with this supplement.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of what we don’t like about Thermo MAXX.

What We Don’t Like – Key Problems With Thermo MAXX

There are some good ingredients in Thermo MAXX. When dosed properly, these ingredients can significantly accelerate fat loss, making your cutting phase a lot easier and much more successful.

The problem is that they are not dosed properly here. Not even close.

In each serving of Thermo MAXX, for example, we get just 10mg of Cayenne Pepper.

For a stack which calls itself thermogenic, this is absolutely pathetic.

In a serious fat burner, we would expect to see at least 100mg of Cayenne Chilli Pepper, and that is assuming quite a good powder quality, using hot peppers with a high Scoville rating.

10mg per day is hardly going to do a thing.

We also get just 50mg of Green Tea Extract per serving of Thermo MAXX.

When you realize that some of the best fat burners on the market today contain as much as 500mg per serving, you see just how weak Thermo MAXX is.

Another serious problem is that Thermo MAXX is stuffed full of ingredients that do absolutely nothing for fat loss.

Take White Willow Bark Powder; we have absolutely no clue why this has been added to this formula. We challenge any reader to find real proof that this ingredient influences physical performance, muscle mass retention, or fat loss in any way.

The same thing can be said of many ingredients in here: Juniper Berry, Chitosan, Apple Cider Vinegar, Garcinia Cambogia – you might read a lot of PR fluff about these substances, but you wont see much in the way of hard science backing up their usefulness.

It seems that the one ingredient dosed aggressively in Thermo MAXX is Guarana.

Lots of bodybuilding bloggers go crazy of Guarana.


Guarana BLV Labs Thermo MAXX ingredients


They think that the caffeine in Guarana is somehow more powerful than the caffeine in Coffee.

But we have a news flash for them: caffeine is caffeine. Whether it comes from coffee, tea, or guarana, 100mg of caffeine is still 100mg of caffeine.

The only difference is that, when not using a refined, concentrated, pure form of caffeine, you get a lot of useless waste material with it. So here we get jusy 100mg of caffeine and 200mg of guarana, which does us no good at all.

Why pay for excess plant material?

In any case, it looks like BLV Labs want caffeine to do the veay lifting of this fat burner.

Rather than pairing high quality caffeine with other potent fat burners, they have included a diluted, wasteful form of caffeine and paired it with lots of useless, over-hyped ingredients.


-Do Green Coffee Beans Help With Fat Loss?-

Thermo MAXX Side Effects

There are no major red flags in Thermo MAXX with regards to side effects.

That said, there are plenty of ingredients that we don’t normally see in fat burners. We don’t havde much knowledge of them, and we don’t have personal experience with many of them.

Therefore, we can’t say that this is definitely a safe supplement for most users.

This is a very unusual and complex combination of herbal extracts and concentrates.

Not only that, but we also do have a sizable amount of caffeine in here. If you already consume caffeine, then an extra 100mg might cause some potentially serious side effects.

It is important that you consult a qualified health professional before using a supplement like Thermo MAXX.

Do not take medical advice from the internet. Manufacturers’ assurances mean nothing; they do not know you, your body, or your needs. They are only interested in your wallet. Talk to your regular doctor before continuing.

Thermo MAXX Review Conclusion

This is an overstretched formula. Most of them offer no benefits, and those that do have potential are dosed so low that ti is pointless to take them.

BLV Labs want caffeine to do the heavy lifting here, but we only get 100mg per serving.

All-in-all, this is a pretty impotent bodybuilding supplement.

It uses so many unusual herbal extracts that we can’t be sure that most users will not experience side effects.

If you want to see real results, opt for a more focused, potent and safe fat burner. It shouldn’t be hard to find one.

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