Bio-Synergy Super Burn Review – The Not-So-Super 7

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  • Side effects will be rare


  • Some ingredients totally benign
  • 100mg of Carnitine is pointless
  • Missing some key natural fat burners
  • Not in the same league as today's leaders



Full Bio-Synergy Super7 Super Burn Review


Super7 Super Burn is a natural fat burner from Bio Synergy.

Bio Synergy make an incredibly varied range of products. They have several brands under their umbrella company: Active Man, Active Woman (reviewed here), Skinny Water, Super7, and of course, Bio-Synergy itself.

They have ranges within brands within ranges, so navigating their website can be a little difficult.

Their products cover every aspect of sports performance. They have fat burners, pre-workouts, protein powders, and testosterone support stacks.


Bio-Synergy Super Burn review


But you’re not here to learn about Bio Synergy. You’re here for an honest, thorough Super7 Super Burn review, and that’s what you’re going to get.

According to the bottle, Super7 Super Burn is “ideal for those looking to burn fat”.

The website promises the following key benefits:

  • Hunger control
  • Metabolic rate increase
  • Accelerated fat loss

We have mention of “washboard abs”, standard for some of these fat burners, and lots of talk of “time-starved gym goers”.

The message here is clear: use Super Burn and you’ll lose fat FAST.

We don’t like it when manufacturers pretend that getting great abs is just a matter of taking some pills. As this article explains, you need to train your abs to get good abs.

But this is standard for the industry.

The question is, can Super Burn really help you see the results you’re looking for?

Is this fat burner safe?

Is it worth the £19.99 price tag?

Find tou by reading our full Super7 Super Burn review below. We examine the formula in much greater detail, seeing what works and what doesn’t, and what is likely to cause you problems. Please post all questions in the comments section below.


Super7 Super Burn Formula

Check out the Super Burn formula:


Bio Synergy Super7 Super Burn formula


The Bio Synergy Super7 range seems to be based off the idea of only using 7 ingredients.

We aren’t sure what the logic is there; 7 ingredients isn’t necessarily better than 8, nor is it always better than 6.

In general, we prefer to see 8 or so solid ingredients than 16 useless ones.

But there is nothing magic about the number 7.

There is certainly nothing special about the 7 ingredients in Super Burn.

Let’s go through what we like aout this formula, and what we don’t.


Main Positives

There are some good fat burners in here.

For instance, in each 2 capsule serving we get 150mg of caffeine.

That is about as much caffeine as you get from 2 strong espressos.

This will be more than enough to keep you focused, energized, and working hard in the gym.

Keeping yourself fired up during training is a very important part of a successful cut.

Every fat burner should include some caffeine to keep you training hard despite being on far fewer calories than you are used to.

Caffeine also keeps you motivated. For many people, motivation is the first thing to go during a diet – long before any fat goes anyway.

Despite some side effect concerns, caffeine is always a winner in our eyes (so long as it is used sensibly).


Caffeine Super Burn ingredients


We also get a very healthy 800mg serving of green tea in each serving of Super Burn.

Green tea contains a compound called EGCG. This is a catechin known to have fat burning properties.

Amazingly, EGCG seems to increase lipolysis independently of exercise.

Consuming green tea, or at least EGCG, on a regular basis can up your daily caloric expenditure, making fat loss that little bit easier.

The 800mg contained in Super Burn is more than enough to bring about good results for most users.


Super Burn ingredients green tea


Finally, we see that Super Burn provides a healthy dose of chromium per serving.

Chromium is seriously under-utilized in our opinion.

This mineral helps maintain insulin functionality.

Put simply, it helps insulin do its job properly.

This is important, as it is insulin which shuttles nutrients to your muscle cells after you eat. Making sure it does its job efficiently is important while dieting, especially if your diet involves some kind of fasting protocol.



Main Drawbacks

The rest of the ingredients in Super7 Super Burn are pretty much benign.

We don’t think you’re going to get much benefit from 100mg of Carnitine.

This amino acid is present in enormous amounts in the diet of most people. It is found in great abundance in red meat, for instance.

It is not an essential amino acid, which means you can make all the carnitine you need from other amino acids.

It isn’t thought to have any meaningful effect on fat loss.

In any case, your body isn’t going to notice an extra 100mg.


Super Burn benign ingredients ginger


We also have 100mg of ginger in here.

Again, this is a ubiquitous herb used in lots of different cuisines.

It doesn’t have any special properties. Some people think it is god for overall health and longevity, but this is largely just hearsay and speculation.

It does not affect lipolysis or sports performance in any way.

Even if it did, 100mg isn’t going to do a thing.


-HIIT vs Steady State Cardio For Fat Loss-


Bio Synergy Super7 Super Burn Side Effects

The presence of caffeine in Super Burn means that some users will experience some side effects.

The 150mg of caffeine in Super Burn is about the same amount you will find in two strong espressos.

For most people, that is a lot of caffeine to consume in a single dose.

Side effects you are likely to experience with this kind of caffeine intake include:

  • Dizziness
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Shortness of breath
  • Anxiety
  • Hypertension
  • Sweating

Some people have a serious sensitivity to caffeine, and possibly all stimulants.

Such people should stay well away from this stack.

That said, 150mg is not a ludicrous dose for a serious bodybuilding supplement – not by modern standards.

Green tea is thought to be safe at very high doses, especially when dealing with the whole plant.

The rest of the ingredients are pretty benign.

In fact, that’s our main problem with this stack!

If you experience any side effects whatsoever while using Super Burn, discontinue use immediately and seek medical attention. Talk to your doctor before you start using Super Burn – they’re opinion is worth so much more than ours!



Bio Synergy Super Burn Review Conclusion

All in all, we don’t think this is a terrible fat burner.

We just don’t think it is very good either.

If you read our full Super Burn review, then you’ll know that we like many of the ingredients in here.

The doses are good too.

Many people will get some benefit out of this stack – that’s for sure.

It is just far away from being one of the most impressive fat burners on the market today.

Some of its ingredients are useless, and it is missing some of the most effective fat burners we know of today.

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