BeLive Fusion Burn Fat Burner Review

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  • Uses one, large proprietary blend
  • Ingredients dependent on dosage, which we don't know
  • Garcinia and Raspberry Ketones unproven in humans

Latest BeLive Fusion Burn Fat Burner Review


Product Overview – What Is BeLive Fusion Burn?

BeLive Fusion Burn is a fat burner that we recently stumbled across online. 

However, BeLive Fusion Burn wasn’t listed as Fusion Burn when we saw it; it was listed as “Garcinia Cambogia Extract Doctor Recommended Ingredients Fat Burner”, which isn’t exactly encouraging. 

But we can’t judge a product by its listing title on a third party merchant page. That has nothing to do with the manufacturer.

No, to really judge a fat burner, we need to look at what it says it can do, and then compare that to the formula, existing customer reviews, and price. 

So, what is BeLive Fusion Burn supposed to do?



According to the official, dedicated BeLive merchant page, Fusion Burn is a 100% natural, 4-in-1 blend, designed to give you the best possible “chance for weight loss”. 

Unlike many of the other fat loss supplements reviewed on Fat burners Digest, this product doesn’t seem to be marketed towards bodybuilders, boxers, or athletes.


BeLive Fusion Burn seems to be a very general weight loss product rather than a specialized fat burner:

It is marketed towards all people who struggle to lose weight, not people who usually have very good control of their diet but who need some extra help getting to a low body fat percentage, or those who need to make a certain weight class in a very short space of time. 


Usually we don’t like the look of these kinds of supplements. Simply losing “weight” isn’t necessarily the healthiest thing for most people to do, and supplements designed to make you rapidly lose body weight don’t always have your health in mind. 

But what about BeLive Fusion Burn?

Well, according to BeLive, Fusion Burn uses just 4 key ingredients to “burn fat dramatically”. We assume they mean cause “dramatic levels fat loss”, and not that it burns fat in a very elaborate, theatrical way. 

Now, for almost everyone who visits this site, “dramatic” fat loss is not what we want anyway. We want to lose fat in a healthy, sustainable way, not in a way that causes people to think you’ve been severely unwell. 

We are also told that typical weight loss supplements “can’t compare to Fusion Burn”. 

Is that true? There’s only one way to find out. Let’s take a closer look at Fusion Burn and see if the formula stacks up to what BeLive are saying about their premier fat burner. 

Here is our full BeLive Fusion Burn review. 

BeLive Fusion Burn Formula

This is what the BeLive Fusion Burn ingredients list looks like on the actual bottle itself:



Proprietary Blend!

Fusion Burn lists all 5 of its ingredients in a single, medium sized proprietary blend! 

While some supplements can get away with proprietary blends better than others, having all ingredients listed as one, big, homogeneous proprietary blend will pretty much always mean that the product represents poor value for money. Not only that, but when caffeine anhydrous is involved, you really need to know your serving sizes!

We are going to put up a very lengthy article on why we are so critical of proprietary blends in the near future. 

Until then, it suffices to say that proprietary blends are either used to cover up the fact that the product contains a lot more of the cheapest ingredients than the good stuff, or it is a good supplement but it denies you the ability to learn from your experiences with it. 

It also means that anyone with a serious sensitivity to caffeine can’t even give this product a try without being incredibly nervous, because they have no idea how much caffeine they’re taking: 10mg? 1000mg? Who knows?



What about the ingredients themselves?

Well, again, the proprietary blend really gives us some trouble. 

The best ingredients in Fusion Burn are, in our opinion, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, and Caffeine Anhydrous. 

We love to see these three ingredients in pretty much any stack. It very rarely matters what the other ingredients are; they are always a much welcome addition to a professional fat burner. 

However, the effectiveness of each of the three aforementioned ingredients are highly dose-dependent. 

For instance, assuming a user has experience with pre-workouts and fat burners containing caffeine, we would like to see caffeine anhydrous dosed somewhere between 150mg and 320mg.

Any higher than that, and you are putting yourself at greater risk of side effects for very little in the way of extra benefits. Any lower than that and you may as well have just had a nice, delicious cup of black coffee before hitting the gym. 

The other two ingredients do not really ever pose a risk side effect-wise, but they do have minimum dosages, below which they tend not to really be very effective at all. They also have some well-established ideal serving sizes. All the best fat burners will include green tea extract or green coffee bean extract, or both, and the serving sizes will always be within a certain range. This is because we know that, at said quantity, the extract works brilliantly.

And knowing what these ideal serving size ranges are, we aren’t convinced that the key ingredients will really be getting all the “room” they need to really get to work. 


-Learn More About The Best Natural Fat Burning Ingredients-


As we stated above, we believe that caffeine anhydrous, green tea extract, and green coffee bean extract are all wonderful things to find in a fat burner. 

But Garcinia Cambogia and Raspberry Ketones are another story. 

These two ingredients are heralded all over the internet as miracle tools for rapid fat loss. 

Many claim that Garcinia is an effective appetite suppressor, helping you stave off the hunger pains and food cravings that make dieting so difficult. For many of us, this is the hardest part of dieting, so a good appetite suppressor is exactly what we need in a high quality fat burner.


Raspberry ketones


Fewer people are staunch advocates of raspberry ketones, but far more people actually use this supplement on a regular basis; they just use it for a variety of reasons. 

With regards to its supposed fat burning properties, it seems that lots of people believe that raspberry ketones can increase metabolism by affecting a protein called adiponectin.

This protein is found in much greater concentrations in people with low body fat percentages compared to overweight people. Studies have observed adiponectin levels rising as people lose weight. This has lead people to assume that it is in some way responsible for these people being lean. 

However, that is a huge assumption.

There is no reason why the relationship between body fat % and adiponectin levels has to work two-ways. That is, that adiponectin levels go up as you lose weight does not mean that you will lose weight if your adiponectin levels rise.

So far, we haven’t seen any convincing evidence that either of these ingredients really produce results in healthy, active, adult humans. 

Until we do, we have to conclude that they’re all hype, like so many other substances that appear on the market, only to fade away years later when they have made some people enough money.


BeLive Fusion Burn Fat Burner Review Conclusion

We were really disappointed with Fusion Burn when we took a closer look at the formula. 

From reading their website, we could see that this fat burner contained just 5 ingredients, but 3 of them are well-proven, widely-used, and devastatingly effective natural fat burners. 

However, when we checked the formula, we found that the ingredients were all thrown together in one big proprietary blend. 

Since the best ingredients are all very dose-sensitive, this posed an even bigger problem than the usual issues with proprietary blends. 

The remaining two ingredients are thought to be very useful, but hard scientific evidence backing up their supposed effectiveness is lacking. 

If you’re looking for a serious fat burner that will help you shed stubborn belly fat, or if you really can’t afford to miss a weigh in, then we advise you to check out our top rated fat burning supplements. 

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