Beast Sports Super Sauna Black Review – Is It Legit?

Super Sauna Black









  • Contains none of the best natural fat burners
  • Only 1 ingredient has fat burning power - even that is extremely weak
  • Effects will be minimal, when they appear at all


Full Super Sauna Black Review


Beast Sports aren’t yet one of the biggest supplement manufacturing companies around, but they’re heading that way. They have a wide array of serious bodybuilding supplements, and they have some really vocal fans. They make the usual range of bodybuilding supps, and they have a range of very stylish apparel (if we may say so).

So what’s Super Sauna Black supposed to do?

Who is it designed for exactly?


Super Sauna Bloack review


The tag line of of this product on the bottle is “sweat your ass off guaranteed – the thermogenic that actually makes you sweat”. 

So a lot of the appeal of this product is based around the fact that it is a potent thermogenic. 

We’ve tried other fat burners that HAVE made us sweat, so Super Sauna Black isn’t the only one capable of doing so. But it is in a minority of products that focus on that so heavily. 

Users are told that they can expect the following key benefits:

  • Accelerated metabolism
  • Eliminates water retention
  • Increased fat loss
  • Induces “healthy” sweating
  • Burns more calories
  • Boosts blood flow

That’s a genuinely intriguing list of benefits.

Not many fat burners promise to accelerate fat loss while also promising to reduce water retention and increase blood flow. 

We don’t normally want a product that removes water unnaturally. Taking substances that artificially force the body to expel water can be SERIOUSLY DANGEROUS. 

If you want to cut water, you should do it through sodium manipulation, and you should do it slowly. Salt and water are more important for life than food; a lack of both can cause death much quicker than starvation. Don’t play around with them lightly!

But some stacks can do this naturally and slowly.

The question is, does Super Sauna Black actually work?

Is it safe? What are the main risks?

How does it compare to the likes of Instant Knockout – fat burners we KNOW work well for most users?

Find out by reading our full Super Sauna Black review below. We cover the ingredients, the serving sizes, and the health risks. In the end, we tell you what we think of the stack as a whole. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section at the end! 


Beast Super Sauna Black Formula

Let’s take a look at the formula:


Beast Super Sauna Black formula


We don’t really know what to say – this looks terrible.

It certainly doesn’t look like the formula for a fat burner.


Of the 7 ingredients in Beast Super Sauna Black ingredients, only 1 can be said to have any kind of fat burning effect.


Out of seven.

And even then, the fat burning effects will be severely limited. You aren’t going to notice anything different using such a small dose of such a weak ingredient.

Overall, this looks like a terrible fat burner to us. We have no idea how so many people are supposedly getting so much out of it. 

Let’s get into it.



Weirdly, the thing that strikes us the most about this formula is the total lack of any of the best, most effective, reliable fat burners we normally see in premium bodybuilding supplements today.

There are several ingredients that typically make up the spine of modern natural fat loss aids.

Not every stack will contain all of these ingredients.

But every premium, high quality fat burner will contain at least a couple of these ingredients in some form.

The combinations vary, but a product really does need to use one or more of these products – or an equivalent – to really be taken seriously today.


Super Sauna Black missing key ingredients


Beast Super Sauna Black doesn’t contain any of these ingredients!

There’s no caffeine anhydrous.

There’s no green coffee bean extract.

There’s no green tea extract.

No glucomannan.

No chromium.

No CLA powder.


None of the things we expect to see in every fat loss supplement on the shelves today. A serious letdown. 


Major Problem – Ingredients Don’t Do Much

The lack of any effective fat burners is just half of the story here.

If there aren’t any effective fat burners in here, then what is?

That’s right!

Useless, over-hyped, unproven garbage!

Most of this formula is composed of ingredients that have either never been proven to promote fat loss, or actually proven to be INEFFECTIVE for fat loss.

Why is there 2% of your RDI of Sodium in this stack?

Grains of Paradise have no known fat burning properties. It is a spice – it is closely related to ginger and cardamon. We have absolutely no reason to believe that this stuff promotes fat loss. We certainly have no reason to believe that 30mg of this stuff does anything at all.

We have no idea why Beast Super Sauna Black thinks it’s important that you get an extra 1% of your RDI of Potassium.

These are some really baffling ingredients.

Totally useless from a fat loss perspective – so totally useless for us!


-Do Green Coffee Beans Really Work?-


Beast Super Sauna Black Review Conclusion – Does It Work?

This is a very poor fat burner.

If you haven’t read the full review, we strongly recommend you read at least one of the main problem sections.

We really don’t know what to say about the Beast Super Sauna Black formula.

It quite frankly looks nothing like a fat burner.

There aren’t any known fat burners in it.

The ingredients it does contain are totally unproven.

If you want to see real results, invest in a real fat burner which uses real, scientifically-proven fat burning substances.

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