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  • Side effects are unlikely


  • Two ingredients lumped together in small prop blend
  • Ingredients unproven
  • One ingredient never associated with fat loss


Full Apidren Review


Apidren is a fairly new fat burning supplement made by NutriPharm. 

The official Apidren website makes no mention of NutriPharm, but the bottle says that Apidren is “distributed” by NutriPharm. 

However, it seems that the entire formula, CardiaSlim™, is made by Interhealth N.I and Laila Nutraceuticals. It therefore seems that NutriPharm buys their full formula from one or both of these distributors and simply applies their own labeling. 

Apidren is sold primarily through the dedicated merchant site which has the same name as the product itself. However, it is also sold on Amazon, although not by NutriPharm (as far as we know). As such, we’ll be taking information from both sources while writing this Apidren review. 


Apidren Review


So what is Apidren all about?

According to the official merchant page, Apidren delivers the following benefits:

  • Jump start weight loss
  • Decrease waist circumference
  • Reduce appetite

We rarely come across a supplement claiming that it can reduce waist circumference. 

We’re going to state this very emphatically: no supplement can reduce your waist circumference.

A supplement can make fat loss easier, leading to a more rapid loss of belly fat. However, simply taking a supplement cannot make your waist circumference any smaller. Your waist circumference is determined by your skeleton and musculature just as it is determined by your body fat levels. 


However, we can’t always just dismiss a supplement because the marketing claims are a bit hyperbolic. 

The other promises are the standard claims made about modern fat burners. Pretty much every supplement reviewed on this site will have these promises either on the bottle or on the official website. 

That doesn’t mean they aren’t great benefits of course; if a fat burner can actually deliver on these promises, then it will be a great supplement. We don’t look for much more than this from a fat burner.

Only the best, most professional, highest-grade supplements do more than reduce appetite AND jump start weight loss.

Apidren’s official website makes the explicit claim that using this product has been scientifically proven to reduce waist circumference. 

It is backed by a money-back guarantee which lasts 90 days. 

That all sounds pretty good to us.

The question is: is any of it actually true? Or is it all just hype?

Does Apidren deliver enhanced fat loss?

Is it safe?

What are the side effects?

Is it good value for money? Or is there a better way to get results for a similar price tag?

We’ll answer all of these questions below in our comprehensive Apidren review. As always, we’ll start with the formula.


Apidren Formula

Here is the Apidren formula as displayed on the bottle:


Apidren Formula


So Apidren has just 2 ingredients.

These two ingredients are Garcinia mangostana extract, and Sphaeranthus indicus extract.

These two ingredients are lumped together in a single, 400mg proprietary blend. 

This means that we have no idea how much of each ingredient is in a single serving of Apidren. 

For all we know, there could be 399mg of Sphaeranthus indicus extract, and 1mg of Garcinia mangostana extract, or vice versa. 

That is speculation of course, but the manufacturer forces us to consider the most extreme possibility because they have refused to divulge the full formula. If they aren’t willing to give us the details, then we are reduced to wild speculation like this. 

Proprietary blends always represent fundamental and intractable problems, but we have gone through these so many times that we think there’s no need to discuss them now. 

Instead, we’ll focus on the individual ingredients, as well as on the CardiaSlim blend as a whole. 


Garcinia Mangostana Extract

Travellers to South East Asia will be very familiar with Garcinia mangostana, or the purple Mangosteen as you are more likely to know it as. This fruit can be found in street hawker stalls all across South East Asia, from Thailand to Indonesia, and it is absolutely delicious. 

Mongosteen is currently being investigated for its notable health-promoting properties. 

In multiple clinical experiments, Garcinia mangostana has shown antitumoral, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiallergic, and antiviral properties. 

This does not make it unique among fruits; it simply means that it may be a particularly healthful fruit. 

The majority of studies looking at Garcinia mangostana’s efficacy as a fat-loss booster have looked at it either in branded form or as part of a proprietary blend, much like CardiaSlim. There are many of these on the market right now, and they all look roughly the same. 

These studies seem to all turn up positive results. 


Apidren ingredients analysis mangosteen


For example, this study found that MetaTrim, another Mangosteen-containing prop blend, “is well-tolerated and is an effective ingredient for weight management in healthy overweight subjects.”

This study looked at the same formulation (although the brand name was not given) and returned similarly positive results. 

So what are we to make of this?

Well there are three things to keep in mind here.

  1. We can’t find a single study showing any kind of benefit from using Mangosteen by itself and in the doses found in Apidren. 
  2. The results achieved in these studies are far from astounding
  3. The number of studies showing benefits of using Garcinia mangostana is very low; perhaps 2-3

With those three points in mind, we’re going to remain highly skeptical about the efficacy of Garcinia mangostana as a weight-loss supplement. 

We will remain open-minded, but for now it seems that this ingredient has great potential as an anti-oxidant but very limited use as a fat burner. We will need to see a few more studies looking at it in isolation along with a mechanistic explanation for its benefits. 


Sphaeranthus Indicus Extract

The research looking at this ingredient is even more limited than the research looking at Garcinia Mangostana.

We would actually go as far as to describe it as non-existent. 

Like Mangosteen extract, it is currently being hyped up as a kind of super extract.

On health blogs and on the websites of supplement manufacturers, Sphaeranthus indicus is variously heralded as an anti-oxidant, an immuno-stimulant, an anti-depressant, anxiolytic, and more. 

However, we are yet to see any independent, scientific evidence that it has any fat-burning properties.

In fact, beyond the supplement manufacturer websites, we can’t even find anybody claiming that Sphaeranthus indicus aids with fat or weight loss. 


Sphaeranthus indicus Apidren ingredients


This scientific review lists all of the benefits even loosely associated with Sphaeranthus indicus. You will note that fat loss is not one of them. 

All things considered, ti seems that the overriding issue with Apidren can be summed up by the word “unsubstantiated”. Neither of the two ingredients used in this CardiaSlim blend have not been resolutely shown to have fat burning properties. They certainly haven’t been shown to produce results at the doses used in Apidren. Not impressive at all.


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Misleading Claims – Lack Of Evidence

There are two graphs displayed prominently on the Apidren official website.

These graphs purport to show just how effective the Apidren proprietary blend, CardiaSlim, really is.  

Here are the graphs:


Apidren Scientific Proof



Apidren scientific research bogus


We can’t find what studies are being referred to here.

CardiaSlim seems to be the same blend as the MetaTrim blend which was used in other diet pills some years ago. But even if we assume that these graphs are just referring to MetaTrim research, we still can’t figure out where these figures have come from. 

The official Apidren website doesn’t provide links to these studies. It states that these figures were presented at a conference, but does not give a specific date, speaker, or other details that might help us find the source.

Of course, you know as well as we do that this is precisely the point. 

Apidren is assuming that every person who is ever going to buy Apidren will be convinced by the graphs alone. 

They’re banking on the fact that nobody will ever even try to find the source of these numbers. 


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Apidren Review Conclusion

If you have read the entire Apidren review, then you will know that we are far from impressed by this stuff.

NutriPharm Apidren contains just two ingredients.

These ingredients are not listed alongside their individual serving sizes.

Instead, they are thrown together as a 400mg proprietary blend. For all we know, the blend could be 99% one ingredient and 1% the other. That is an extreme case, but since the manufacturer wants us to be uncertain, we have to consider the most extreme scenarios. 

The two ingredients themselves have not been conclusively proven by clinical investigation to have meaningful fat burning properties. 

One of the ingredients is actually never associated with fat loss at all, except on the Apidren website.

There is certainly very little evidence that these ingredients work at the doses dictated by the CardiaSlim blend size. 

The CardiaSlim blend used in Apidren looks an awful lot like the MetaTrim blend used in some diet pills (we’re not sure if any of these are currently on the market). 

We don’t know if this is a case of re-branding after negative PR, or if it’s just a coincidence, but it is worth looking into. 

All-in-all, this really doesn’t look like a very good supplement.

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