Alpha Woman Fat Burner Review – Does It Really Work?

Alpha Woman









  • Contains caffeine and Tyrosine


  • Contains unstudied stimulants
  • Low dose of key ingredients
  • Some ingredients only proven to be useful in mice
  • No special benefits for women

Despite the efforts of some companies to convince you otherwise, there is no such thing as a “female fat burner”. There are just fat burners. If you remove the labels and put a “male” and “female” fat burner side by side, the only difference you will usually see is that the manufacturers have opted for lower doses in the female product. Man or woman, simply find the product with the best ingredients, the best serving sizes, and the most reputability, and go with that.

Full Alpha Woman Review


Product Overview – What Is Alpha Woman?

Alpha Woman is a ‘female fat burner’ produced by Alpha Women; a supplement manufacturer specializing in bodybuilding and fitness products for females. 

There doesn’t seem to be an official online store for the Alpha Women product range. Instead, the vast majority of their sales seem to come through Amazon. if you search for Alpha Women fat burner online, Amazon is the first result you’ll see, not an official merchant page. 

So what is this product all about?


Alpha Woman Fat Burner Review


Well, like all ‘female fat burners’, this product claims to be specifically designed for enhancing the female physique. In fact, according to some images on the Amazon seller’s page, this product was formulated to “promote the ideal female physique”. 

What constitutes an “ideal physique” is up to you. We prefer it when manufacturers give us more concrete expectations, and thankfully Alpha Woman gives some to us. We are told that Alpha Woman guarantees:

  • Lasting appetite control
  • Cutting-edge libido health
  • Unmatched focus, mood, and energy enhancement
  • Fat burning

These are an interesting range of promises to make. Very few fat burners make any mentioned of libido support, and even fewer female fat burners talk about it. 

The other promises are pretty par for the course for fat burners these days; both female and non-sex specific. More and more products are incorporating focus-boosting products into their formulas in an attempt to improve results and get an edge on the competition. 

Appetite control is a key aspect of fat loss during a cut, but it can easily be done the wrong way.

Same story with energy; some products boost it perfectly, while others just load up on guarana and taurine.

The key question is, where does Alpha Woman fat burner stand? Does it work? How does it compare to similar fat burners on the market? What are the risk of side effects? How is it working for other users?

Finding the answers to these questions can be time consuming. That’s why we’ve done all of the leg-work for you!

Here is our full Alpha Woman fat burner review. if you have any questions, please post them in the comments section below.

Alpha Woman Fat Burner Formula

We always dedicate most of our reviews to looking at the formula of the product itself. 

A fat burner is only as good as its ingredients. The branding, the other reviews, the celebrity endorsements don’t make any difference to how well a product works. That is down to the quality of the formula.

Here is the Alpha Woman fat burner formula:


Alpha Woman Fat Burner Formula


No proprietary blends, GMP label, and a money back guarantee: just what we want to see on a label.

Unfortunately, the capsule is made of gelatin, so Alpha Woman fat burner is not suitable for vegetarians. 


Our Thoughts On The Ingredients

There are some ingredients there that many of you will already be familiar with, but there are quite a few that you will probably have never come across before. 

Caffeine anhydrous is a great ingredient to have in a professional fat burner. it is a more potent form of caffeine (having had all water molecules removed). It keeps you energized and motivated all day long during a diet, and will significantly reduce the perception of fatigue in the gym (when it matters most). 

However, 150mg is a little weak by today’s standards. The top fat burners can provide as much as 300mg of caffeine anhydrous per day; high enough to give you a significant boost, low enough to keep side effects minimal. 

N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine is another ingredient you will have seen many times before. 

It supports focus, motivation and performance during periods of acute stress (e.g exercise). 

Again however, the dose in Alpha Woman seems far too low for users to get any real benefit from it. The minimal recommended dose for physical enhancement is 500mg taken 60 minutes prior to training. The 150mg in Alpha Woman isn’t going to cut it. 


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Eria Jarensis is not found in your average natural fat burner, so this is probably the first time you’ve come across it.

Reading some user reports, it seems Eria Jarensis is thought to be quite a potent stimulant. Many claim that it is a less intense altrnative to DMAA; a synthetic drug withdrawn from the market in 1983.

However, there is no real evidence that this stuff works. Information on its efficacy and its safety at high doses is very sparse indeed. The only sources attesting to its use as a stimulant (and in some cases a euphoric) are unreliable.

Like so many substances on today’s market, this stuff can be classed as an unstudied, untested attempt at replicating ephedrine. 


Naringin in Alpha Woman fat burner supplement


Naringin is a flavonoid found in citrus fruits. It has been shown in animal trials to have a range of positive effects on health, including the regulation of insulin levels, reducing hypertension, and treating obesity.

However, as noted in one key review, “The dose used in animal studies may not be achieved in human trials, however, and emphasis should be given to establish a dietary recommendation of citrus fruit consumption or for the pure compound naringin.”

Any claims that supplementing naringin can have a big impact on human health or fitness are almost certainly overblown. 

Ashwagandha is another ingredient that seems to be all bark and no bite.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding this plant root extract, largely because supplement manufacturers can make a lot of money out of it. 

Despite what many online sources will tell you, if you do some digging, you’ll see that all of the scientific studies used to support claims that ashwagandha can help boost testosterone and burn fat are flimsy at best.


Alpha Woman Fat Burner Ingredients Ashwagandha


For instance, this study is often used to support claims that ashwagandha supports healthy thyroid function (hypothyroidism being a rare cause of obesity). Yet if you look at what these researchers actually found, you’ll see that they concluded: “these plant extracts are capable of stimulating thyroid function in female mice.”

Groundbreaking stuff.

As far as the other ingredients go, there is neither a great deal of support for their effectiveness nor sufficient serving sizes to get anybody excited (assuming they do actually work).  


Alpha Woman Side Effects

There are a few concerns with this product in terms of side effects risks. 

Our main concern is the Eria Jarensis. 

This stuff is being touted on many forums as an alternative to DMAA. According to people who have apparently used this substance before, it is a powerful stimulant; almost a euphoric according to some (link to forum discussion is in ingredients section). 

This stuff has not been extensively studied. Its main use up to this point has been as a food flavoring. However, the amounts being used in supplements such as Alpha Woman fat burner are not the same as the amounts used in food. The effect is therefore obviously different. 

Until we see some proper clinical trials showing that this stuff is safe in the long-run, we have to caution our readers to be very careful. Unless you really have to use it, we’d advise you to stay away. 

While the caffeine content is low, we do need to warn you that you should avoid using any supplements containing caffeine if you have a very low caffeine tolerance. You also need to be mindful of how much caffeine you consume each day from other sources. 

The caffeine content of Alpha Woman fat burner is low compared to other fat burners, but if you are also consuming 8 cups of coffee and a powerful pre-workout each day, your daily caffeine intake may be too high. Side effects would then include headaches, anxiety, hypertension, and insomnia. Be careful!

Always talk to your doctor before using a supplement like this. Their opinion is more relevant than ours because your doctor knows your own personal circumstances. No matter how safe a fat burner seems, make sure your regular physician knows what you plan to put into your body.


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What Are Other People Saying About Alpha Woman Fat Burner?

Here is a selection of reviews taken from Amazon. Some “verified customers” have been good enough to post images of their progress. The veracity of these images is obviously open for question, but that’s not our concern here:


Alpha Woman Fat Burner User Reviews


Alpha Woman Fat Burner Customer Reviews


Alpha Woman Negative User Reviews


We don’t put a lot of faith in these reviews, but they are worth looking at before you make a purchase. A big split between 5 star reviews and 1 star reviews is a red flag for us. If a product is good, you will see a range of 5, 4 and 3 star reviews, and a few 1s. When all of the reviews at either 5 or 1, something is amiss. Take a look at the reviews yourself and see what you think.


Alpha Woman Fat Burner Review Conclusion

There is nothing in this product which offers special benefits to women. 

The very concept of a ‘female’ fat burner is strange to us. Beyond significant hormone manipulation (difficult using anything other than AAS), there isn’t anything that a fat burner can do which will affect men and women differently. 

Serious female bodybuilders benefit from caffeine anhydrous in the same way as serious male bodybuilders. The same is true of every effective ingredient we see in the top fat burners on the market today. 

Alpha Woman itself is a bit of a disappointing stack.

For one thing, it contains a potent stimulant said to have almost narcotic effects. The safety of Eria Jarensis is questionable, as we couldn’t find any clinical data of its action in humans at the doses found in these supplements. Until we see more data on this ingredient, we would advise our readers to stay away.

The other ingredients are either have no proven fat burning properties, are under-dosed, or both. 

The two ingredients with definite potential for supporting fat loss and enhanced physical performance are caffeine anhydrous and Tyrosine. Yet they are both significantly under-dosed. 

There seems to be no appetite support beyond the hunger-suppressing effects of stimulants. But if you care about health and athletic performance, then this is not how you should seek to battle food cravings while dieting. The first port of call should be will power, and the next should be something which fills you up quicker. 

If you’re a female bodybuilder looking for extra help while you prep for a contest, or if you just want to speed up your fat loss program as you get ready for your next vacation, don’t look for a “female fat burner”. 

Just look for the fat burner with the best, most reliable, safest ingredients, and add that into your training and diet protocol. If your training and diet are on-point, then the same fat burner used by men to enhance their progress will help you achieve your goals faster too. 

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