ABS BLAST Extreme Fat Burner Review – Legit or SCAM?










  • Contains some excellent ingredients
  • Very cheap


  • Seems to be more useful for people struggling with obesity
  • Better ingredients could have been used
  • Contains unproven ingredients

ABS BLAST Extreme Fat Burner Review


Product Overview

ABS BLAST Extreme Fat Burner is a weight loss supplement manufactured by Natural Answers. 

While you probably won’t find this stuff on the shelf at your local GNC, you might have come across it if you’ve spent any time browsing the fat burners on Amazon. 

It seems to be quite a popular fat burner on Amazon, appearing regularly on the first page of suggested results. But despite it’s apparent prominence on Amazon, we couldn’t see a single ABS BLAST Extreme Fat Burner Review anywhere online. 


ABS BLAST Extreme Fat Burner Review


All we were able to find are the “verified customer” reviews on Amazon. Although they are somewhat useful in certain circumstances, most people will need a lot more than that before parting with their money. 

Any serious athlete, whether a boxer, a bodybuilder, or a strength competitor, will need to know exactly what they’re taking before they do. If they go into a decision like that relying only on marketing material, then they could squander the competitive edge that they rely on to win.

So, what is ABS BLAST Extreme Fat Burner? Does it really work? Are there likely to be any side effects? Is there anything better out there? 

Read our full ABS BLAST Extreme Fat Burner Review and hopefully we can answer all of these questions, so you don’t have to spend hours answering them yourselves!


ABS BLAST Ingredients

When reviewing a supplement like ABS BLAST, the most important thing to look at is the actual formula. 

Marketing always plays a huge part in influencing your purchasing decisions, if not the largest part. To make sure that we aren’t simply being led by clever marketing, we need to look at the meat and bones of what it is that we’re paying for, and decide if that is a) going to deliver on the promises made by the manufacturer, b) worth the price, and c) preferable to other products on the market.

So, to that end, here’s the ABS BLAST Extreme Fat Burner ingredients label:


ABS BLAST Extreme Fat Burner Ingredient List


Manufactured in the UK, ABS BLAST Extreme Fat Burner does not contain any worrying synthetic ingredients. It is composed of natural extracts and substances commonly seen in pre-workouts and fat loss supplements. 

So what do these ingredients do, and are the dosages right? 

Here’s a quick overview of the ingredients and what they do to aid with fat loss:


African Mango Extract 4:1

ABS BLAST Fat Burner contains mango extractIf this inclusions strikes you as a bit of a mystery at first, then you’re not alone. Few people will have ever come across this extract before in a supplement, but its use is on the rise. 

Many manufacturers tout this stuff as a fat burner, but there is no compelling evidence that it has any direct effect on fat burning. Studies exist purporting to show that it can help eviscerate fat stores, but most are flawed in some way. 

That said, there is a high chance that this stuff does actually work in a similar way to Glucomannan, in that it helps you feel more full than you otherwise would. 

It therefore may well have a place in a top fat burning supplement, just like Glucomannan, but until its mechanism of action and its effectiveness are better established, we can’t say that w’re thrilled to see it on the label. 


Acai Berry Extract 4:1

Abs Blast Fat Burner Ingredients Review AcaiAcai berries are a stalwart of modern, trendy health food shops, and indeed they should be. 

These berries, indigenous to the Amazonian delta, are teeming with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and other compounds that help us live better, healthier lives for longer. 

However, while Acai Berry Extract might give you an antioxidant and vitamin boost, it doesn’t seem to have any properties that make it genuinely useful in a fat burner. 

Of course, you could argue that during a cut some people are not going to be getting all of the nutrients they are used to getting from their normal diet. 

To that, I would simply say that you should never compromise on getting everything your body needs, diet or no diet!

Cutting is about shedding excess fat, not making yourself sick. It is entirely possible to cut and still get everything your body needs to be in tip top condition. In fact, you should always strive for this to be the case, never relying on processed extracts to get your daily nutrient needs. 

If you’re doing a cut properly, then this stuff should not be at all necessary, and you should make sure you know how to cut properly and healthily before you turn to fat burners to give you an extra edge!


Green Tea Extract 40%

To regular readers of this site, many of whom will be bodybuilding enthusiasts and competitive athletes, this is a familiar substance in no need of introduction or explanation.

To those of you knew to supplements of this nature, let us simply say that green tea extract is an absolutely vital part of any modern, professional-quality fat burner. 

It not only contains antioxidants that help keep you fit and healthy, but it also contains a specific compound (called ECGC) that seems to kick-start the body into lipolysis overdrive. 

To top it off, it also contains theanine to help reduce any side effects you might experience from the caffeine also present in the formula.


-Check Out Our Fat Burner Guide To Learn More About The Best Ingredients-



Caffeine is another ingredient that does not require a long explanation.

It is almost the ideal ingredient for anyone’s fat burning stack, unless of course they are sensitive to caffeine.

Caffeine helps keep us feeling alert, focused, and energized during intense workouts when our actual energy reserves are becoming more and more depleted every day. 

We all know what it feels like to train after eating very little all day. And most of us know how much of a difference a reasonable amount of caffeine can make. 

Our only concern is the dosing here: 60mg. That is not a lot at all by premium-grade fat burner standards. 

Cheap, scam-fueled supplements usually contain astronomical amounts of caffeine, because they don’t care about their customers health. 

Well, while we appreciate that Natural Answers have gone the other way, we would definitely like to see more than 60mg of caffeine in a supplement of this sort. 

That said, it seems that more caffeine is provided elsewhere in the supplement, so we will shelve that discussion for the time being. 


Glucomannan Extract 4:1

Glucomannan is a great one.

It Doesn’t speed up the fat burning process directly. Rather, it works in the other direction; it helps you feel sated after eating smaller meals.

The way it does this is simple to understand; it is used in some parts of the world as a soup thickener. Imagine the contents of your stomach, plus soup thickener, and bingo: a full stomach!

However, 200mg is way short of the mark for this ingredient. 

For weight loss purposes, Glucomannan is usually dosed at anywhere between 1g and 13g!

ABS BLAST’s 200mg therefore seems like a bit of a futile effort. That 200mg could have gone to more important ingredients that require smaller quantities to work.


Natural Answers ABS BLAST fat burner glucomannan content



Guarana 22%

When you see guarana extract, what you’re actually looking at is caffeine.

Pound for pound, guarana seeds contain a great deal more caffeine than coffee beans. In some cases, it’s four times more.

The 22% demarcation may refer to the quantity of guarana in the extract, or the percentage of extract that is caffeine.

Either way, 200mg of guarana is a very welcome addition to the formula. With it, ABS BLAST compensates for the paucity of caffeine elsewhere in the formula.  


Pomegranate Extract 40%

For the benefit of your overall health and longevity, if you aren’t eating pomegranates on a regular basis, you should start doing so. 

For weight management purposes, pomegranate extract also seems to have quite a lot of potential. 

ABS BLAST Ingredients Review PomegranateWe recently came across this study, which looked at the effect on pomegranate seed oil intake alongside a high fat diet. 

Amazingly, the researchers found that “dietary PSO ameliorates high-fat diet induced obesity and insulin resistance in mice, independent of changes in food intake or energy expenditure”. 

They postulated that the driving force behind this effect was punicic acid. Other studies that have observed obesity-preventative effects from pomegranate seed intake have posited different causes. While more study is needed, it seems that regular intake of this stuff can indeed help you keep on top of your weight. 

That said, do we really need such an ingredient in a product like ABS BLAST? 

Professional fat burners like this are marketed at bodybuilders, not obese people! It seems likely to us that the manufacturers have had the best of intentions in including pomegranate extract, but they have mistakenly assumed that something which can help prevent obesity is also useful to someone looking to go below 9% body fat.


ABS BLAST Review Conclusion

Although this supplement contains some good ingredients (i.e green tea extract and glucomannan), it has significant limitations. 

For one thing, its formula seems to not be able to decide between being a fat burner for bodybuilders and a weight management supplement for people struggling with obesity. 

For another, its dosing for key ingredients is way off. 

On the other hand, ABS BLAST is made by a manufacturer that already makes a range of products which all seem to be very popular. It is quite cheap, and it doesn’t seem to contain any ingredients that are likely to cause side effects for the vast majority of users. 

While we wouldn’t by any means rush to warn people off ABS BLAST, we also think that if you’re serious about cutting for a genuine purpose (making a weight class, taking part in a bodybuilding show, or whatever), then you would be much better off spending a little more money and getting a more targeted, professional fat burner. 


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