About Us


It’s super important that you know who we are, what we’re about, and what it is that we’re trying to achieve here.

There’s just so much information – and misinformation – on the web that it’s hard to know who to trust. There are anonymous blogs claiming to be the work of medical experts; shady review websites owned and operated by supplement manufacturers; outright scams designed to steal your personal information. It’s no wonder that so few people trust anything they read online, regardless of the source.

We hope that by learning a little about us, you can feel safe in the knowledge that the information we present on this site is honest, well-researched, and solely designed for the purpose of helping you achieve your goals.


Why We Started This Site

We are simply a group of individuals who are sick and tired of seeing people get ripped off by the big supplement manufacturers – or Big Whey, as we like to call them.

We’ve seen countless friends, colleagues, and clients waste hundreds of dollars on useless, low quality, over-priced supplement that they don’t need, all in the hope that they will help them look like the guy on the bottle. After all, that’s exactly what the advertisements imply.

At the same time, we have spent years fighting a losing battle with misinformation regarding diet and exercise. Whether through it’s our work as personal trainers, or just gym chit-chat, we have spent more hours than we’d care to count explaining to people why the advice they read in Flex is plain WRONG.

Not even wrong – sometimes downright harmful.

Amazingly, both forms of misinformation come from the same source – big supplement manufacturers.

You see, the two things go hand in hand. The big supplement manufacturers need you following poor advice, because good advice is cheap, easy to come by, and it actually leads to results. If you’re seeing results, then you’ll realize that you don’t need any of the supplements they’re selling. You’ll also quickly learn that the only way to look like ‘that guy on the bottle’ is to work very, very hard for the best part of a decade (and probably to use performance enhancing drugs).

But if they can keep you trying weird and wonderful exercises, then you’ll never realize just how straightforward – how boring – the process actually is; you’ll keep buying Flex, keep seeing their adverts, and keep giving them money.

This isn’t a niche industry; it is an incredibly efficient machine, and it makes an enormous amount of money.


What We Want To Achieve

Mission statements seem to be everywhere these days, so we thought we’d better make one ourselves.

After all, if you know what we’re trying to achieve here, you might understand the site a little better.

We want to be the most trusted, interesting, and useful source of bodybuilding supplement reviews on the internet. We don’t want to get there by throwing money at advertising or celebrity endorsements. If we get there, it will be because our content got us there.

We want to provide workout guides that are honest – not gimmicky eBooks that promise you a perfect body in 90 minutes or less.

We’ll explain the biggest diet fads and tell you why they do or don’t work, using science and peer reviewed journals instead of just repeating the hype.

We’ll cut through the fat produced by the supplement industry and explain to you why things are the way they are: why fat loss is a matter of calories in vs calories out; why there’s no substitute to hard work; why building muscle takes time and consistency, not 8 hour arm workouts and weird exercises.

In short, we want to become the best at what we do, and we want to do it by telling the truth.



Who We Are

You’re probably wondering about our backgrounds. Here’s a quick overview.

We all bring something slightly different to the table.

Between us, we have copious amounts of experience in the following industries:

  • Supplement retail
  • Personal training
  • Advertising and PR

We are all extremely enthusiastic athletes. Most of us are active bodybuilders; some of us are dedicated strength athletes. A few of us want to become more efficient, effective fighters. We all play other sports recreationally; soccer, rugby, and basketball to name a few.

If there’s one thing we all have in common, it’s a desire to get better at our sports while looking as good as possible. Just being honest!


Meet The Team

We like to keep our work and private lives separate. The nature of the internet means that this is just the best option for us. So we don’t go in for ‘day in the life’ vlogs or sharing personal information like some bloggers.

We don’t intend to make this a personality brand.

However, it’s important that we share some personal information with you so you know that you’re actually dealing with a real human being. It’s vital that you know how to contact us, and that you know who you are addressing your concerns to, should you have any. Here is a quick profile of some of our writers.


Content Editor – Casey Sobrelle

Casey is this site’s editor. He is definitely the real driving force behind this website. Without him, this would just be an uncoordinated, badly written mess of product reviews and industry profiles (or hit pieces, to be more accurate).

Casey has been an avid bodybuilder, powerlifter, and MMA hobbyist for well over a decade.

He has been writing about diet and exercise for about 5 years, although previously under a pseudonym (as a house writer for other websites/magazines). He knows what really works and what doesn’t when it comes to getting big, strong, and lean…in a healthy, sustainable way.


FBD Review Team

Our review team is, in our opinion, the most professional, impartial and honest in the business. They draw on their extensive experience as both users of supplements and as former supplement store retail workers to produce informative product reviews.

They are not employed by any supplement manufacturers, and they don’t let their personal preferences come into play during the course of their reviews.

It doesn’t matter if they’ve always loved Mutant’s products, or they really like Reflex’s branding. They focus on the product at hand and judge it according to pre-decided criteria. Read more about how we review.


You can get in touch with us any time you want. Just make sure that you message the right person. Check out our contact page for more information.