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  • Contains some ingredients with known fat burning properties


  • Main ingredient has no verified fat burning properties
  • Contains DHEA which will be unsuitable for most people
  • Some ingredients not suitable for a fat burner

Our Latest 360LEAN Fat Burner Review


Product Overview – What Is 360LEAN?

If, like us, you pay attention to the bodybuilding supplement market, then you will have seen more than one positive 360LEAN fat burner review pop up in the last few months. 

360LEAN is the premier fat loss supplement from 360CUT; a company that specialize in producing sports performance supplements. At the time of writing, they produce some immensely popular bodybuilding supplements, including pre-workouts, pump enhancers, BCAAs and, of course, protein powders. 


360LEAN Fat Burner Review


According to the manufacturer, 360LEAN can help you “burn down to your best body”. 

More specifically, they claim that 360LEAN can:

  • Stimulate fat burning with its thermogenic formula
  • Boost energy production and exercise endurance
  • Promote improved focus and mood

Well, if that’s the case, then this will be one hell of a fat burner. 

But every manufacturer these days seems to claim that their product can do all of the above and much more. How do we go about deciding who to believe?

Let’s take a closer look at 360LEAN, its formula, its price, and so on, and see if this product can really deliver these benefits. Here is our full 360CUT’s 360LEAN fat burner review.


360LEAN Ingredients

This 360LEAN fat burner review will focus on the ingredients. It’s only by looking at the formula that we can really judge whether a fat burner is right for us or not. 

If you don’t look at the formula as a whole, how the ingredients interact with one another, as well as their individual benefits, then you can’t really be sure how effective it is likely to be for you. 

Here’s the formula:


360CUT 360LEAN fat burner ingredient review


Now we can see right away that the 360LEAN formula is divisible into different compartments. Some ingredients are geared more towards fat loss, while others seem to be focused more on improving focus and attention.

Fat Loss

We’ll start off with glucuronolactone

Glucuronolactone is actually probably something you have already consumed. It is commonly found in commercially available energy drinks. Many people think that, because it is often found in energy drinks, it therefore has some positive effect on energy, endurance, and physical performance. 

The implication is that, by boosting your endurance levels, glucuronolactone can keep you working harder in the gym for longer without you having to ingest extra calories. This would obviously put your rate of fat loss through the roof. 

The problem is, there is absolutely no reliable evidence to suggest that glucuronolactone has any positive effect on endurance or physical performance. Quite the opposite in fact. 

More than one study has looked at glucuronolactone’s effect on a living body, and every single one that we have looked at concludes that there simply is no positive effect on endurance. 

This study looked at glucuronolactone’s influence on mice who were made to swim for 30 minutes. No benefit was observed. 

Another study looked at Red Bull’s mechanism of action, and concluded that, contrary to what the manufacturers claim about the importance of taurine and glucuronolactone in their formula, it “seems more plausible that most of the effects observed when drinking Red Bull come principally from caffeine.”

Until we see conclusive proof that glucuronolactone has a positive effect on physical performance, we can’t buy into the hype. 

360LEAN also contains caffeine. At 280mg, this should be more than enough to give you a noticeable boost throughout the day and in the gym. This is really important when trying to lose fat, whether you’re eating a straight up caloric deficit, fasting, or whatever. When you’re hungry and tired, your gym performance can suffer, and so too will your rate of fat loss. Caffeine helps avoid this. 

Cayenne pepper extract is another great ingredient for a fat burner, but at just 5mg, we don’t think it’s fair to call 360LEAN a “thermogenic” fat burner. 

Top of the range fat burners usually contain something in the region of 100mg of cayenne pepper extract, as a minimum. We don’t think it’s even worth including 5mg in the formula, because it simply can’t have any noticeable effect. 

Sublutiamine is essentially a “supercharged” version of thiamine (Vitamin B6). Structurally, it is just two thiamine molecules attached to one another via a sulfur group. 

Like B1, it is thought to help maintain good energy levels and alleviate fatigue. There is not a lot of research available on this specific compound, but it is safe to assume that it operates in a roughly similar manner to straight thiamine. 


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Many people now think that Theobromine is a potentially brilliant fat burner ingredient. 

It is one of the most interesting ingredients in cocoa (or cacao, depending on how exotic you wish to sound). It seems that it is has stimulant and mood improving properties, just like caffeine. However, in terms of stimulation, it is a much weaker substance than caffeine. 

Much more study is needed as far as we’re concerned, but if preliminary results are anything to go by, this could turn out to be a great natural fat burner.

White willow bark is thought to prolong the action of other fat burners. Again though, reliable and conclusive evidence is thin here, so we would caution people to be skeptical of these claims.

Yohimbe seems to be included in plenty of fat burners now, but there is simply no solid evidence behind claims that it is able to enhance fat loss.


360LEAN Fat Burner Formula Review Cocoa


Finally, we come to DHEA

Believe it or not but this stuff is actually an endogenous steroid hormone. It is a precursor to both testosterone and estrogen, although it has functions of its own.

Many people take this stuff as a kind of ‘light’ or ‘diet’ version of taking anabolic-androgenic steroids like trenbolone or dianabol.

It is actually banned from sale in many countries (e.g the UK), which should give you some idea as to how serious DHEA actually is.

360LEAN fat burner contains dhea

In our opinion, not only is this stuff not something that the general public should be playing around with, but it is not even close to being reliable enough to warrant taking the risks. 

Most of the studies which have shown DHEA to have a positive correlation with testosterone levels have been conducted on older women (ref).

Granted, good benefits have been observed, but we need to see more clinical evidence that this stuff is both effective and safe for most people before we recommend a product that contains it.  



The main ingredients in 360LEAN that are supposed to improve focus and mental performance are Huperzine A, caffeine and theobromine.

The latter two have been dealt with above, so we’ll focus most of our attention on Huperzine A. 

This stuff is thought to be very effective at improving working memory and focus in the short term, as it inhibits the breakdown of a key neurotransmitter responsible for those functions. 

However, working memory and the ability to hold concentration on a complex issue for hours and hours at a time isn’t something we look for in a fat burner. 

The kind of focus and attention that can be gained from caffeine (and to a lesser degree theobromine) is what we’re looking for.

If we wanted help with our working memory capacity, then we would look for a “study” or “brain booster” supplement, not a fat burner!


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360LEAN Fat Burner Review Conclusion

If you have got this far through our 360LEAN review, then you’re probably looking for someone to give you a definitive answer to the question, “should I buy this fat burner?”

The makers of 360LEAN, 360CUT, are clearly a manufacturer of quality bodybuilding supplements. 

They don’t sell scam products, and they clearly care what their customers think. 

Unfortunately though, we don’t think 360LEAN is going to be suitable for the vast majority of users. Of course, it will probably work wonders for some individuals, but for most of you reading this, 360LEAN probably doesn’t represent good value for money. 

We feel that DHEA is totally unnecessary for most people, even serious bodybuilders, and the potential side effects are not offset by good, reliable results. Not only that, but the formula also contains ingredients that have no real place being in a fat burner.

Their effectiveness is either completely unsubstantiated, or they provide benefits that we don’t need from a fat burner.

We can’t find any evidence that shows that the ingredient which commands the majority of the formula actually helps you burn more fat!

All-in-all, we think that most people will be better off looking for a fat burner with a more focused formula and more reliable ingredients.

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