1st Phorm Royal 21 Queen Review – Another Shady “Female Fat Burner”

Royal XXI Queen









  • Contains some effective ingredients (in unknown quantities)


  • Compilation of proprietary blends
  • Most ingredients must be low dosed
  • Contains multiple synthetic stimulants
  • Opts for many low-grade ingredients instead of sticking to the best

1st Phorm Royal 21 Queen Review


We don’t think we’ve ever seen a fat burner with such an awkward name. Royal XXI Queen, or Royal 21 Queen if you aren’t from ancient Rome, is just one of many 1st Phorm products that have jarring names. But we aren’t going to hold that against it here.

1st Phorm are a relatively new supplement company to come onto the scene. But they are showing real intent. They currently offer a wide range of products including, but not limited to, a number of very specialist bodybuilding supplements.

As such, we thought it was high time we did a full Royal 21 Queen review.


Royal XXI Queen Review


So what is this fat burner all about?

Who is it designed for?

As you no doubt have guessed, Royal 21 Queen is a “female fat burner”.

Now, we don’t believe for a second that there is such a thing as a fat burner that will benefit men and not women.

As we outlined in this article, the idea of a “female only” or “male only” fat burner is pretty absurd (unless we’re talking about an anabolic fat burner).

But as we also explain in the cited article, this doesn’t mean that “female fat burners” are all scams. Sometimes manufacturers just do this to reach a new audience, just as they often bend the truth when selling what you might call “male” supplements.

After all, a regular fat burner won’t make you look like Tom PLatz, so we need to forgive manufacturers for some creative marketing sometimes.

Of course, if a supplement is sold as “specifically formulated for women”, then we have a problem.

Sadly, we see that 1st Phorm describe Royal 21 Queen as “specifically formulated for women”.

There is nothing in a fat burner that will benefit a woman during a cut that will not benefit a man, and vice versa.

Interestingly, the Royal 21 Queen website explains exactly what they mean by “specifically formulated for women”:

“Royal XXI Queen will also stack the deck in your favor when it comes to managing weight loss issues that only women like us face; such as depression, mood swings, hot flashes, excess water weight and even menopause.”

It will be very interesting to see if Royal 21 Queen does manipulate hormones. This would indeed make it reaosnable for it to describe itself as “for women”.

On top of that, users are told that they can expect the following benefits from this fat burner:

– Control Appetite and Curb Cravings
– Incredible Focused Energy Boost
– Minimize Hormone Fluctuation

So, all we need to do now is find out if this is legit or not!

Does Royal XXI Queen work as advertised?

Does it cause side effects?

How does Royal 21 Queen compare to the best fat burners on the market today?

Is it really designed specifically for women, or is this just a cheap marketing gimmick?

We answer all of these questions in our full Royal XXI Queen review, which you can find below. If you have any questions, or if you notice anything wrong, just hit us up in the comments section at the end.

Royal 21 Queen Formula

Here is the Royal 21 Queen formula as it should look on the bottle:


Royal 21 Queen formula analysis


Unfortunately, we’re dealing with a compilation of proprietary blends here.

We’ve gone through the reasons why we hate proprietary blends so many times before that we don’t bother going through it again in detail. It should be obvious that a manufacturer unwilling to divulge their individual ingredient servings (when others do) does not deserve your money).

Proprietary blends really do treat customers like cattle.

They are a manufacturer’s way of saying “don’t worry your pretty little head about the serving sizes, our word should be good enough for you.”

Yeah, right!

Many manufacturers do revreal their formulas in full, with every ingredient’s serving size list clearly for evryone to see.

So why hide?

It should be obvious so we wont beat this dead horse any more.

So what about the Royal XXI Queen proprietary blends in particular?

Well, there are some real problems in here that we think you should be aware of.


Main Problems With The Royal XXI Queen Prop Blends

We’ll go through these blends one by one and point out what are, in our eyes, their main flaws.

The Nootro-Q Blend is a little confusing for a start.

The Royal XXI Queen site does talk about helping you stay motivated in the gym while you diet: “The natural ingredients will also put you in a clear, more focused state of mind to help you push through the most trying days.”

This would indeed be a major bonus for a fat burner (so long as no fat loss acceleration is sacrificed), as dieting often leaves us distracted, de-motivated, and so on.

However, there are a lot of ingredients in here which are usually taken to help slow age-related mental decline and improve long-term memory function.

Things like Choline bitartrate is thought to improve short-term focus and clarity, but only at doses exceeding about 300mg; more than the total Nootro-Q Blend size.

We also have some Huperzine A in here, which can cause some pretty heavy side effects if consumed in amounts exceeding about 250mcg.

This stuff basically shuts off your brain’s ability to get rid of certain neurotransmitters, thereby ramping up their presence in the brain.

That’s micrograms.

We have no idea how much Huperzine A is in this blend but it could be as much as 274mg for all we know.

Not a risk we’d like to take!


Royal 21 Queen ingredients caffeine


The Vitality Matrix looks a bit better than the Nootro-Q Blend at first glance, but on closer inspection it has a SERIOUS problem.

It contains a number of different stimulants and theanine, which helps take the edge off some of the side effects of caffeine while making it work better.

But we don’t know how much theanine is in here for a start. To get the benefits of theanine, you need to match it at least 1:1 with caffeine. That would leave Royal 21 Queen a little under-dosed in caffeine.

But that isn’t the main problem with Royal 21 Queen’s Vitality Matrix.

We don’t know why 1st Phorm have gone to the bother of including caffeine anhydrous, the best natural stimulant to use for sports performance purposes, along with 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine – which is just another name for regular old caffeine!

That’s right: this blend contains caffeine anhydrous AND regular caffeine slipped in under its chemical name.

Since these two are in the same blend, this isn’t a case of a manufacturer sneakily double-dosing the caffeine.

The problem here is that 1st Phorm have clearly decided to skimp on the high quality caffeine anhydrous and diluting the blend with sub-standard stimulants like theacrine and regular caffeine.

By comparison, some leading fat burners contain straight up caffeine anhydrous dosed at 250mg and above.


The FAC-T Blend is a major let-down.

It contains over-hyped stimulants lumped together in a pitiful 50mg blend.

Hordenine is a stimulant often found in the cheap diet pills you see advertised on late night TV. It supposedly suppresses appetite, but we’ve never seen any scientific data backing this claim up.

Higenamine has been used as an anti-asthmatic in the past, although today you will usually only find it in scammy weight loss pills, just like Hordenine.

More worryingly, these ingredients are thought to work primarily because they resembles Ephedrine; an extremely powerful and dangerous stimulant.

We don’t think that these substances do actually work like ephedrine (thanks God), but they may well cause some of the same side effects: blood pressure spikes, total loss of appetite, jitters, light headedness, and so on.

Not only is 50mg unlikely to do anything for your performance in the gym, but you’re being exposed to significant side effect risks.

We think you should avoid anything that tries to emulate powerful synthetic drugs or human hormones. it is fallacious to think that structural resemblance means that two substances work the same, but you shouldn’t risk it just in case they’re right!

-The Great Raspberry Ketone Scam-


Finally, we come to the Queen Complex.

This contains Ashwagandha and Damiana.

The former is routinely used as a natural anxiety cure.

It seems to be mildly effective for some people, but generally they take a lot more than 50mg (and there is less in the Queen Complex).


Damiana herb Royal 21 Queen ingredients


The latter is a herbal extract used in some traditional medicine practices for its supposed aphrodisiac abilities.

Once again though, we have never seen any real, hard, scientific proof that Damiana is an aphrodisiac.

This seems like a pretty useless blend as far as we’re concerned.

Royal 21 Queen Side Effects

With proprietary blends, there are always serious side effect concerns.

You don’t know exactly how much of each ingredient you are consuming.

You can of course make a rough guess – the total blend size places a hard limitation on how much you could possibly be consuming.

The chances of an ingredient killing you also places soft limitations on the possible doses; we assume manufacturers wouldn’t try to kill their customers!

However, at the end of the day proprietary blends mean you are not sure exactly how much you are taking, and that’s a big issue.

It’s especially an issue when a supplement contains things like caffeine, Huperzine, and Hordenine.

If you are sensitive to caffeine, you need to know how much is in a supplement before you take it.

if you do take a fat burner and something terrible happens (heart attack, stroke, panic attack, etc), people need to know exactly what you’ve consumed and in what quantities to be able to treat you properly.

This is why we hate prop blends!

Always consult a qualified health professional in person before using supplements like Royal 21 Queen female fat burner. Ideally you should take the bottle or a picture of it along with you so they can see it. Do not gamble with your health – get professional advice first!

If you are struggling to lose weight, then fat burners are not a quick fix. They are meant for bodybuilders, amateur fighters, and athletes as help during their on-season cut.


-Steady State Cardio vs. HIIT-


Royal 21 Queen Review Conclusion – Should You Buy It?

We don’t think this “female fat burner” is really going to be able to deliver on all the promises made by 1st Phorm.

If you’ve read our full Royal 21 Queen review, then you’ll now that we have multiple problems with pretty much every blend in the Royal 21 Queen formula.

The fact that we’re dealing with a compilation of prop blends is enough to warn people off this stack in all honesty.

Some manufacturers are capable of sharing their whole formula with us, wo why can’t these guys?

The real reason isn’t our problem. As consumers the failings of a manufacturer are not our concern. We need to just find the best value for us.

There is nothing in Royal 21 Queen that makes it especially suitable for women.

It seems that this is a classic example of a manufcaturer using the “female fat burner” tag as a cheap and easy marketing ploy.

If you’re a women looking for help shedding stubborn body fat, then you should use the best fat burner available, not just the best fat burner “for women”.

There is nothing in a natural fat burner that can benefit men and not women. Unless you are talking hormone manipulation, then men and women have the same requirements from a fat burner.

Do your research and use the best supplements you can to achieve your goals.

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  1. Diane

    Thank you for all the details. Much appreciated. Glad I did not purchase this. Guess I have to resort to the good ole fashion less food more exercise routine!

    1. FBDTeam (Post author)

      Glad to be of service Diane.

      Yes unfortunately there is no substitute for hard work and discipline! But at least you know it works.

    2. Amanda

      I just bought this and took my first pill today. Wish I had read this before I bought it. Hopefully I didn’t waist my money…

      1. FBDTeam (Post author)

        Hey Amanda. Please let us know how you get on with Royal 21 Queen! Everyone reading this review will definitely appreciate your feedback.

      2. Sunny

        So….what do you think of this royal 21?
        Side effects? Are you seeing any results? Does it make you feel horrible because of all of the caffeine?

        1. FBDTeam (Post author)

          You can read what we think of it in the review above. Hopefully the conclusion, found at the end, gives you a good summary.

  2. Jolene B.

    I took a sample day of the Royal 21 Queen combo, and after one day, I was hooked. I went back and bought the set. For me, the caffeine wasn’t any more than a standard 2 cups of coffee. It kept me full all day…and I don’t mean, not hungry, it kept me actively full – so I didn’t even want to ‘graze’ which is where I have my biggest problem. It also kept me focused during the work day – this is hard to explain, but I was able to concentrate through the whole day and I didn’t feel my normal afternoon lull. I was able to cut out all other forms of caffeine (I normally drink 1-2 cups of tea or coffee and maybe 1 soda in the afternoon). I’m sure not everyone will have the same effects, but for me, so far, it’s been worth it.

    1. militza

      Hi I a was thinking of purchasing this product. I was wondering how it has been going after a month of using it. Do you still feel the same about the product?

      1. kim

        Wgwn you buy 1st phorm there is support… You are assigned a trainer to help you through your journey. My trainer is Hailey. We have a fb page. The
        Is support system helps and motivates you everyday. My friend Melissa entered their 8 week challenge and used their products. Of course no product is magic but she worked had used her products and won the 50 grand…. She looks and feels wonderful. I myself have not used the royal 21 but i do use p phormula 1 and level 1… They are both wonderful products. I have lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks…. Hope this helps

  3. Danica Reynolds

    Thank you for the review! I received a number of samples at a women’s expo and started taking them Monday. I take one capsule in the morning with 30 oz of water. I continue drinking water throughout the day. Today was my 4th day. So far I have noticed:
    -lost 3 lbs
    -less mental fixation on a recent stressful situation (like I was thinking about it non-stop on Monday, but by Wednesday was surprised to find it hadn’t even crossed my mind)
    -no hunger for 9 hours (from wake-up til dinner time)
    -I have noticed no side effects

    I agree with your concerns about the mystery proportions in the blends. When my samples run out I may try to keep up by drinking more water. Hopefully these have broken my stall and I can keep going with my low-carb, high-fat way of eating. Down 68 lbs in 11 months.

    Thank you again for your review!

    1. FBDTeam (Post author)

      Hi Danica. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

      3lbs in 4 days in a lot of weight to lose. Have you changed anything else since you started taking Royal 21?

      We’re glad you haven’t experienced any side effects, but yeah we remain unconvinced by the prop blends. As we explain, there’s no good reason to use them, so we expect that the manufacturer is up to something!

      1. Danica Reynolds

        I agree, and I’m uncomfortable with that too.

        I haven’t changed much other than drinking more water. I’ve been at a stall in my weight loss, so hopefully whether it’s the water or the pills it will kick me out of the stall.

        Thank you again for the review, I appreciate the time and effort you put in to researching things.


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